New York DRX 9000
DRX 9000 for treatment of herniated discs and bulging discs,Sciatica and Chronic low back pain.
I recieved a call today from a potential patient in Florida today, I told him it is better to see someone locally that to come see me, The machine works in Florida too! He insisted that he wanted to see me.
IF you are suffering Chronic back pain or where recently diagnosed with a herniated disc before you consider an invasive procedure like back surgery, look into Non Surgical Spinal decompression using the DRX 9000
I believe that any Chiropractor or Medical doctor that follows a proper Spinal Decompression protocol that includes Spinal Decompression treatment, with bracing, Core Stregthening and nutritional support should see excellent results.
I recentlly developed a national directory that can connect potential patients with Spinal Decompression specialists
This portal is national and will help connect patients suffering with Back pain to a specialist it there area.
As always if you are in New York City,Manhattan and looking for a DRX 9000 Specialist visit my site at


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