Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
New York City Chiropractor specializes in Spinal decompression.
In the last several days I have had several new patients start and they have had an amazing response in such a short period of time. I am blown away at the success I am having with patients with herniated discs.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal decompression
New York City Chiropractor
Monday my Article came out on the interent about spinal decompression and disc rehab, I have had an amazing response. I have doctors from across the country calling me about this procedure and I have allot of people contacting me about this procedure. What seems to have really worked for me is to be up front and honest about the procedure. These days people are bright, by telling them that NASA invented this technique it is demeaning. The doctors that advertise this are now being sued by NASA! Spinal decompression is the best thing to do if you have a herniated disc or bulging disc. I learned a interesting fact yesterday, that in Canada before the insurance will pay for a back surgery for herniated disc they want to see that you completed 20 sessions of spinal decompression! Do i think that this would happen here? I hope so but there is way to much money at risk for the orthopedic doctors and hospitals and surgeons at risk. Cananda is progressive and I feel that once the long term studies and govermental cost savings are published it will be a push for United States to do the same.
Costs righ now are absorbed by the patient, A typical program cost 3-4 thoushand.

Monday, June 19, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
Manhattan Spinal Decompression Specialist.
A day doesn't go by without one or two doctors across the country calling me and inquiring about Spinal decompression or the DRX 9000. I like to share information and I tell everyone the same thing. This treatment works it gets people that are suffering with herniated disc and stenosis ands Sciatica out of pain quick,with no drugs or surgery and it corrects the weakened disc and allows the tissue to strengthen and prevents reinjury.
All the doctors ask is the DRX 9000 the best machine, and I no not necessarily but they have done a great job branding themselves and patients do ask about this specific table. I spoke with a Chiropractor that bought one used and found that Axiom did not service his table and it was a problem and thet did not even return his calls. I know that if I buy a used car ie: a Mercedes I take it to any dealership if I pay they will service it and sell me parts if I need them. This is not the case with Axiom they only want to sell to there original customers and that's it. In my opinion poor business model.
So DRX 9000 is not the only table or only true spinal decompression system, to think that way would be naive. I have had great results with tables that where a quarter of the price! If you are patient and looking for a doctor to do spinal decompression make sure they are proficient in the technique and have an open mind about other treatments like synaptic nerve blocks and cold laser therapy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
manhattan spinal decompression specialist. There are about 5-7 new doctors practicing this technique in Manhattan now. Some of these doctors use the DRX 9000 some use the anatalgic-trac.In is my proffesional opinion that all the tables basically do the same thing that is decompress the disc and unload the vertabrae. As a Chiropractor that has been practicing for over ten years now I have seen some things come and some things go, but this technique is here to stay and in my opinion will be the preffered treatment for herniated disc. If you or a loved one has a herniated disc please consider spinal decompression as a treatment before a more invasive technique like surgery. Spinal decompression does not hurt and the results are extremly high. Visit for more information on how this procedure works.

Monday, June 12, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
I have been using Spinal Decompression on my disc herniation patients and getting excellent results. Now it seems that every other doctor has jumped on the spinal decompression band wagon, especially in the Manhattan area. As a doctor that does spinal decompression we take on a tremoundous amount of debt by purchasing a expensive table and spending money on advertising. Not every patient that walks through your will qualify for this procedure, some may not have thier finances in order. I only take patients that I know will see excellent results with. When someone forks over their hard earned money you better show results. Spinal decompression can really effectively treat herniated discs, spinla stenosis and Sciatica. If you are looking for doctors that specialize in Spinal decompression in Manhattan, New York I recommend you visit which is a website of doctors comminted to Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
I consult with several Chiropractors across the country about spinal decompression. I have had many patients report excellent results with this procedure. I recommend it to anyone that has a herniated disc or suffering with pain associated spinal stenosis. My Manhattan office specializes in Non Surgical Techniques. If you or someone you love has a herniated disc please have them contact me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal decompression Specialist
I read the AM paper which is a local newspaper in Manhattan New York. I saw four different ads advertising Spinal Decompression therapy. Most of these ads in my opinion insult the readers intelligence by making claims that this is a NASA endorsed treatment. This treatment is extremelly succesful in relieving pain from herniated discs and spinal stenosis. NASA does not endorse this treatment nor did they invent it! The way this goes is the astronauts went into space and came back with more disc space but they actually had back pain due to muscle wasting. I do not claim that treatment is a NASA discovery but I have patients understand the benefits and try to present them with as much information as possible so they can make an educated and informed decesion. I also have allot of inquires into the DRX 9000 machine and I let everyone know that it is just one machine and most all of the machines work because I have worked with all of them at one point.

Monday, June 05, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
June 5th. Wow time flys when your having fun!
I made a decision I am dropping out of GHI insurance and then I will drop out of health Net.
I am sure most of you are wondering why? These insurance companies devalue chiropractor care especially in New York State. Theses insurance companies pay less than thirty dollars a visit. It costs me more to try to get paid from them.
My practice has evolved into Spinal decompression and emphasis in treating disc herniation patients that are willing to pay for their care out of pocket. In this market of diminishing chiropractor reimbursement this is welcomed.
If you know anyone suffering from sciatica or herniated discs, spinal decompression treatment is the best option and should be considered in place of surgery. DRX 9000 or any other FDA approved machine would work just fine as long as the spine is being decompressed.
Look out for my article being published in Mens Health and possibly a radio interview on Sirius satellite radio.
Visit my website for more info. or

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New York Chiropractor
New York Chiropractor
Spinal Decompression has really changed the way I treat patients with herniated discs and degenerativie disc disease. Previous to having this treatment patients would leave and go to a orthopedist and sometimes get injections or drugs that did not solve the problem. Now I have doctors refering me their most challenging cases and getting excellent results.
Many patients ask about the DRX 9000 or the spine med table, I tell all my patients that the FDA approved all of these tables and put them in the same class. In my opnion I get excellent results with any table as long as it is FDA approved. I see fantastic results with someon that has a herniated disc in the lumbar spine or cervical spine.