Monday, October 29, 2007

New York Spinal deccompression
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Tampa, FL October 17, 2007: Axiom Worldwide has received numerous inquiries regarding professional golfer Frank Nobilo’s return to the PGA Tour. Mr. Nobilo left the tour in 2003 because of serious back problems. On October 9, 2007 the Associated Press reported that he was making a comeback and had registered for the PGA Tour’s qualifying school. The report also went on to state that Mr. Nobilo was expected to play in this year’s New Zealand Open. The inquiries to Axiom Worldwide are in response to Frank Nobilo’s video testimonial regarding his treatment on the DRX9000™; specifically the teaser that he may play professionally again one day. A copy of the Frank Nobilo testimonial may be found at: View Frank Nobilo's Video Testimonial. In the video Mr. Nobilo is quoted as saying:

“Eventually after X-Rays and MRI’s I realized I had my last three vertebra which was L4, L5 as well as L3 just above there as well were almost touching each other, I had virtually no disc on those last three vertebra and effectively as a golfer you need the function of your whole spine to rotate and whatever and all the symptoms that I’d had, the pain, the lack of movement, stiffness, everything , and literally I was in agony, were caused through literally bone on bone; no disc.”

“So when I had an MRI, it shows disks again, so to me it’s like a modern miracle, so I am now a believer.”

“The only thing that’s missing in my life right now is that I don’t play competitive golf anymore but you know I can play with my daughter, I can play with my pets for example, you know, I can get out and play the odd game of tennis, I can play the odd game of golf, I can do that now, I can actually have a normal life that I never thought was possible.”

“I have seen players getting ready for the champions tour and I was nearing 50 years of age trying to get back into shape, for example using the DRX9000, and I’ve seen players in their 30’s that are perfectly healthy using the DRX9000 to stay perfectly healthy.”

“So for me the DRX9000, I can’t put a value on it. All the things that I thought I’d forgotten, I can do most of them again now. All of a sudden, my life is totally different, I really feel like I can achieve pretty much everything I wanted to do outside golf and maybe, you never know, when I reach 50 with the Champions tour these days and I keep using the DRX9000 on a regular basis, I might just, you never know, I might just compete once again.”

In an open letter found on his website:, Mr. Nobilo states, “I have not, nor did I have any intention of entering this year’s PGA Tour Qualifying School.” In the letter he goes on to state that there were conversations regarding his return to this year’s New Zealand Open to help support the event, but that there have been no further conversations and he has not arranged his schedule to participate. In summary, Mr. Nobilo states, “I am flattered with the response from many well wishers in the short period of time since the article was released. While never a day goes by when I wish I wasn’t back out on the golf course the reality of getting back to competitive golf, whether it be regular or Champions Tour, is extremely unlikely.” We at Axiom continue to wish Frank and his family the very best in all of his endeavors.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chiropractic Care in Manhattan / Spinal decompresssion and Cold laser
I wanted to briefly touch on the topic of some pointers on how to prevent back injury and flair ups of a chronic back pain.
Often men carry their wallet in their pocket all day and sit on their butt with the wallet jammed in the pocket.
This is horrible for the low back and if you can simply switch to front pocket you can prevent pain and a possible spinal misalignment.
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Chiropractic Care in Manhattan / Spinal decompresssion and Cold laser

I recently had a person email me about spinal decompression and the fees associated with the treatment.
If someone does not have health insurance they can finance the treatment and spend as little as $89 a month. If they have insurance it really depends on the type of plan they have.
In New York we have patients that have horrible coverage and some with great coverage.
How much a patients pays really depends on so many things.
I had a patient with New York Workers Compensation that covered the whole treatment protocol 100%.
My recommendation is come in for a Complimentary evaluation with your MRI report to see if you are a candidate and to see if you qualify for treatment.
In order to keep my success ratios high I only accept patients that meet the criteria for Non Surgical spinal decompression.
I can also review your MRI report if it is emailed to me.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I found this great article in Time magazine over the weekend.I would like to comment on it after the article see below.
Amy Toosley was standing in a split pose when her yoga instructor gave her leg a little prod. "I heard the loudest pop I've ever heard, and the instructor said, 'Ooh! Good release, huh?'" Toosley recalls. "Not really--I could hardly walk." With her hamstring muscle snapped, Toosley, 32, avoided yoga for the next three months, and almost a year later, she is still in pain.

Bad-mouthing yoga seems like begging for a hit of unfavorable karma. But with more than 14 million people practicing yoga or tai chi nationwide, up 136% since 2000, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and chiropractors across the country are dealing with the increasing fallout from yoga gone awry. Over the past three years, 13,000 Americans were treated in an emergency room or a doctor's office for yoga-related injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Often people get hurt because they assume that yoga is simple and that anybody can pretzel himself or herself on demand. Edward Toriello, an orthopedic surgeon and spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, says most of the injuries he sees are sustained by "weekend warrior" baby boomers who begin yoga without realizing that their bodies are no longer what they used to be. "They think that yoga is an easy way to start exercising, so they go to class once a week, not stretched out at all, and they get hurt."

At the same time, others see yoga--a practice originally conceived to help people achieve inner peace and tranquillity--as a way to get a vigorous workout. More than five times as many people take yoga classes at health clubs today as did a decade ago, and enthusiasts have devised all kinds of variations appalling to purists: hip-hop yoga, disco yoga, power yoga, not to mention controversial hot yoga, or Bikram, which incites people to push themselves to their limit in sweltering rooms in which temperatures are set at 105ºF (41ºC).

The truth is, yoga, regardless of the form, doesn't offer a comprehensive way to get fit. According to a study by the American Council on Exercise, a national nonprofit organization that certifies fitness instructors and promotes physical fitness, dedicated yoga practitioners show no improvement in cardiovascular health. It's not the best way to lose weight either. A typical 50-min. class of hatha yoga, one of the most popular styles of yoga in the U.S., burns off fewer calories than are in three Oreos--about the same as a slow, 50-min. walk. Even power yoga burns fewer calories than a comparable session of calisthenics. And while yoga has been shown to alleviate stress and osteoarthritis, it doesn't develop the muscle-bearing strength needed to help with osteoporosis.

Part of the problem is that increasingly, the people teaching yoga don't know enough about it. Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one by a yogi over a period of years, but today instructors can lead a class after just a weekend course. Though the Yoga Alliance, formed in 1999 and now based in Clinton, Md., has set a minimum standard of 200 hours of training for certification, only 16,168 of the estimated 70,000 instructors in the U.S. have been certified. "Yoga means bringing together mind, body and spirit, but in Western yoga, we've distilled it down to body," says Shana Meyerson, an instructor in Los Angeles. "That's not even yoga anymore. If the goal is to look like Madonna, you're better off running or spinning." Namaste to that.

I have always been a big fan of Yoga and recommend it to patients as a great way to stretch and stay fit, But most people jump into it without properly taking into consideration that they might get injured. In my 10 years in practice I have seen plenty of patients that get hurt in yoga and I have yoga instructors refer patients to me all the time.
If you are considering starting a Yoga routine know your limitations and do not push yourself to fast.
I also posted a picture i took several years ago, Yahoo ran a campaign in NYC and thought it was interesting how they put Chiropractic and Yoga studios together.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Power Plate and Spinal decompression using the DRX 9000


New York, NY (PRWEB) October 2, 2007 -- New York City-based chiropractor Dr. Steven Shoshany D.C, C.C.E.P. recently introduced a powerful new tool to his practice with the arrival of the Power Plate®, and its origins are literally out of this world.

Power Plate® is an advanced machine that allows people with various conditions -- including chronic lower back pain, weak muscles, chronic knee pain, and decreased bone density -- to exercise while working within their personal physical limitations using the concept known as Acceleration Training™. According to the Power Plate® Web site, this style of exercise was first used (on the ground) by Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s to counteract the bone and muscle degeneration caused by zero gravity.

Power Plate® specifically utilizes this sophisticated, space-age training technique -- and the end result means improved treatment of the symptoms for patients who suffer from these challenging conditions.

"This machine not only enhances but speeds up the healing process relating to these different ailments," Shoshany said. The acquisition of this cutting-edge technology continues a trend for the center of being at the forefront of the latest chiropractic technology, which has been endorsed by a wide range of professional athletes and celebrities around the world. He is also Manhattan's only chiropractor to have integrated this technology into practice, he said.

"We are very excited to introduce this powerful new aid to what we do at the center," said Shoshany, founder and owner of The Downing Chiropractic and Pain Management Center in New York City. "This technique has greatly enhanced the already stunning success I am having with DRX 9000 spinal decompression treatments with herniated disc problems and chronic low back pain."

Shoshany, who is also the clinic director of the New York Disc Decompression Center and the founder of the Spinal Decompression Institute, said he agrees with the Power Plate® Web site's assertions that the biomechanical applications of Acceleration Training™ exercise using Power Plate® machines are becoming accepted in the medical field for the prevention and treatment of different types of illnesses and injuries.

"This is an impressive machine, and will help to improve the lives of the patients who choose to use it," Shoshany said.

About The Downing Chiropractic and Pain Management Center:
The Downing Chiropractic and Pain Management Center in New York offers a multi-disciplinary approach to advanced spinal correction with a variety of non-surgical techniques, as well as exercises and lifestyle advice. As the founder and director of Downing Chiropractic, Dr. Shoshany has a diversified educational background with specialized knowledge in Chiropractic, Pediatric Chiropractic, and Sports Injury Management. Shoshany specializes in both spine and sports-related injuries, and he focuses on delivering highly effective chiropractic care to people of all ages. Years of specialized training at Life Chiropractic University has fostered Shoshany's driven focus on individualized non-surgical treatments, and his extensive knowledge of chiropractic medicine allows him to perform a variety of chiropractic treatments.

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