Thursday, June 30, 2005

New York Chiropractor
Wow another holiday is approaching us, July 4th is a fun and exciting time for our nation.I am ready to take a break for a couple of days. Last night I had a patient that suffered a back injury 8 years ago and required a surgery,she was symptom free until she slipped while commuting from Chelsea to Greenwich villagae and bam all the symptoms came back. She did not want to go back to the surgeon so she researched about disc problems online and somehow came across my website and my article on disc compression
and decided to make an apointment. Her symptoms where greatly reduced after 2 visits and now she on the road to recovery!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New York Chiropractor
My website is operatating and we finally updated the newsletter mailing list, One time a month I will me emailing anyone on my list a brief newletter that has topics on how to prevent backpain, neckpain, headaches and health tips on how to improve your posture. Please visit to get on the email list.
I got my adjustment last night and let me tell you what a diffrence it makes! Living and working in New York City is very stressful I think I might of mentioned this before. Nothing reduces stress and helps the body achieve homeostasis better than a chiropractic adjustment.
If you are tired, burnt out or plain stressed out maybe it is time that you get your spine checked today, I am available to anyone in the Metro area. If I am not convienent to you or you can not communte to Manhattan Visit for other qualified doctors.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I think we hit a record yesterday I had 7 seven new patients! I trully believe that if you provide an outstanding service at a fee that is resonable people will flock to you. I treat all my practice members (patients) as if they are my owm family. I go out of my way for them, I make my self available to them every day and if necessary i do house calls. Many of my patients like the fact that there New York Chiropractor is available to them when they need. I have traveled as far as Montauk to see a patient on his private yacht! My practice at 10 Downing St. is full of happy patients that are geting better and staying healthy thru Chiropractic care!
visit to join my newletter or learn more about Chiropractic.
Till next time
Dr Steven Shoshany

Monday, June 27, 2005

New York City Chiropractor

Wow July 4 is approaching! Another Monday morning I am excited to be in the office and ready to start adjusting. I am constantly reminded how much residents of New York City need a Chiropractor. Just walking to work is stressful, avoiding cars from hitting you and dodging messengers. Visit to learn so ways to deal with stress at home. Chiropractic adjustments help reduce stress by balancing out the nervous system and allowing it to work more in sync. I know that my patients that receive Chiropractic care are better able to deal with stress. Our nervous systems regulates every system in our body, the immune system which responds to the enviorment is dependent on our nervous system. If our nervous system is frazeled and over worked then our immune system doesn't work as well and we can get sick easier ( It is that simple). Visit today and learn how to be healthier.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

New York City Chiropractor
Today i just learned that this summer I will expanding my practice to serve patients in the Hamptons this summer! I will be out east every weekend. I will located in Sag Harbour and will make myself available to anyone in need. I will post more information to my website in the next couple of days.
I had a patient that came in today that really hurt her neck on a rollercoaster, So this summer if you happen to be at an amustment park and ride a rollercoaster remember to keep your head back on he headrest, and see you Chiropractor the following day. Riding some of these newer coasters are like being involved in multiple care accidents at once (whiplash).
Until next time,
Dr Steven Shoshany

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New York City Chiropractor

Good Morning, I was so exicted to come to the office today! Since the press release at so many more people have been visting The office has been busy with questions people as close as tribeca and as far away as Sag harbour. One thing that is certain is that a majority of the people that contacted me will surely be helped with Chiropractic. For every person I come in contact with on a daily basis I know that there live could be improved with Chiropractic care. My daily commute involves walking from Tribecca to Greenwich village, and on my way to the office I can't wait to get into the office and start adjusting patients. I couldn't be happier as a Chiropractor. I would love to answer any questions anyone ha.
Dr Steven Shoshany

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New York Chiropractor

New York City Chiropractor.We serve Soho, Tribecca, West Village and the tri-state area.

Today I had a new patient that was injured in a weight lifting accident and since then has been suffering horrible lower back pain and taking 50- mg. of ibubrofen and 500 mg. of a muscle relaxer I never heard of before. So I sat him down and explained the mechanism of injury to him and he understood. Being a New York City Chiropractor I understand the demands on peoples schedule, so I iced him did a gentle adjustment and did some ultrasound. He felt 45% better in one visit! Every day I am reminded about how special chiropractic care is and how I was given such a great gift to serve people! Needless to say he was impressed and will be back for a followup visit tommorow! What inspired me the most was that he would ride his bike from upper manhattan all the way down the west side highway to his job in greenwich village but since his injury he had put that on hold. I am sure that he will be back on his bike riding to work every day in no time!
Until next time.
Dr Steven Shoshany
new york city chiropractor

Monday, June 20, 2005

Fantastic Day

Our recent press release launched today and opened up a whole new arena of people that can be helped with chiropractic care. Being a New York City Chiropractor gives me access to millions of people afflicted with Chronic pain and discomfort. We are excited to offer a service and exicted to have a postive impact on the lives of so many people. So many people turn to a invasive procedure like surgery or take drugs that only weeks later or pulled off the market ( Vioxx, celebrex) .Chiropracitc care is a Safe Drug free Natural approach to Health Care. I look foward to helping New Yorkers and any one in the Tri State area that suffer from Disc Herniations or Lower back pain, but that is only the tip of what Chiropractic Care can do for you. Please visit my website to more.
Dr. Steven Shoshany
In the next few days I hope to publish some of the daily miracales that happen here at Downing Chiropractic Center.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Introducing The New York Chiropractor

Today is quite a pleasure for me. I will be introducing to you one of the most ingenious New York Chiropractors that you will ever have the opportunity to follow.

Dr. Shoshany has been very busy because of his work with compressed discs and bulging discs. There are a lot of people with this malady, it is quite common and quite painful and has kept The New York Chiropractor working tirelessly. As well, he was recently accepted for membership on chiropractor directory, that was also quite an honor.

Tonight however, is about introductions. Your editor is going to step down and turn over this blog to the great Doctor himself.

I am proud to introduce, Dr. Steven Shoshany D.C.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dr. Shoshany - The New York City Chiropractor

I have had the good fortune of spending a lot of time on the phone with a New York chiropractor whom is becoming a friend of mine, Dr. Steve Shoshany. Well I hope he views me in such a light.

The more I speak to "The New York Chiropractor", the more I understand his brilliants. Now I am beginning to understand his success rate with disc compression. I tell you, if your are inflicted with this malady, his number is one that you should call. Being a person with severe back problems myself, I know what it means to get some relief.

BTW, one more thing about this great Doctor. He was accepted for membership in for New York, so you know he is heads above the rest, plus he takes most insurance.

I'm tired and probably sounding repetative.

Until tomorrow -

New York Chiropractor initial post

First, please allow me to introduce to you a great New York Chiropractor. Dr. Steve Shoshany.

Dr. Steve Shoshany is a new breed of New York Chiropractor. This journal will be a look into the day to day life of a New York Chiropractor.

Dr. Shoshany, in your editors view, is one of the best Chiropractors in the New York City area and he proves it to my astonishment everyday. He has several claims to fame; He has an amazing success rate with disc compression / herniated disc. The word of his success rate has called out to people suffering from this malady like a beacon, and keeps him quite busy. Dr. Shoshany is also one of the Doctors selected by as one of the great Chiropractic Doctors of New York.

Dr. Shoshany's office is right in the heart of New York. It is convenient to Greenwich Village and Tribeca. Dr. Steve is a great person and one that really cares for the Health of his patients.

I will make a few more entries before turning this blog over to Dr. Steve. Until tomorrow.