Dr. Shoshany - The New York City Chiropractor

I have had the good fortune of spending a lot of time on the phone with a New York chiropractor whom is becoming a friend of mine, Dr. Steve Shoshany. Well I hope he views me in such a light.

The more I speak to "The New York Chiropractor", the more I understand his brilliants. Now I am beginning to understand his success rate with disc compression. I tell you, if your are inflicted with this malady, his number is one that you should call. Being a person with severe back problems myself, I know what it means to get some relief.

BTW, one more thing about this great Doctor. He was accepted for membership in TheRightChiropractor.com for New York, so you know he is heads above the rest, plus he takes most insurance.

I'm tired and probably sounding repetative.

Until tomorrow -


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