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Today I had a new patient that was injured in a weight lifting accident and since then has been suffering horrible lower back pain and taking 50- mg. of ibubrofen and 500 mg. of a muscle relaxer I never heard of before. So I sat him down and explained the mechanism of injury to him and he understood. Being a New York City Chiropractor I understand the demands on peoples schedule, so I iced him did a gentle adjustment and did some ultrasound. He felt 45% better in one visit! Every day I am reminded about how special chiropractic care is and how I was given such a great gift to serve people! Needless to say he was impressed and will be back for a followup visit tommorow! What inspired me the most was that he would ride his bike from upper manhattan all the way down the west side highway to his job in greenwich village but since his injury he had put that on hold. I am sure that he will be back on his bike riding to work every day in no time!
Until next time.
Dr Steven Shoshany
new york city chiropractor


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