Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
Welcome back everyone, Yesterday was a busy day. I started about seven new patients and one new spinal disc decompression patient. The day after a holiday is usually the busiest. I attribute it to all the people that never do things and all off a sudden it is nice out. I had one young women that went kayacking and had rellay races all day. Not only was she sunburned both both of her shoulders and upper back where locked up. I did some gentle spinal manipulation and range of motion with her shoulders and iced her down and she felt much better. I guess the point I am trying to make is before geting to involved in recreational activity make sure you are thoroughly streched out and wearing sunblock.
Patients that have herniated discs are usaully in allot of pain and have been to every doctor and has taken every drug on the market. Spinal decompression has been the answer for allot of these patients and best of all it is non-surgical non-drug and the results are permanent.
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Monday, May 22, 2006

New York Chiropractor
Monday morning, Good Morning everyone!
If you are interested in learning more about how Spinal Decompression has changed the way I practice. This amazing technique really allows me to treat patients with the latest Non Surgivcal technique. Many people have heard of the DRX 9000 and other spinal decompression tables. I have patients that see ads in the papers and on the television. This technique can fix the problem of herniated disc.
Many patients claim that they get instant pain relieve while on the table.
Americans spend over fifty million dollars a year on back pain a year. With spinal Decompression 7 out of 10 patients see results with their condition.

Monday, May 15, 2006

New York Chiropractor
Monday morning and all is well. It is raining here in the Big apple and I am looking forward to getting my day started. If you know anyone that is suffering from Disc Herniation related pain let them know about Spinal Decompression therapy. This amazing new technique really changed the way I practice Chiropractic in Manhattan. I can now offer patients an alternative to surgery for herniated or bulging discs. I have seen an incredible boom in my practice since and the results are outstanding. Patients are improving steadily.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New York Chiropractor
I am so excited I have four diffrent magazine articles coming out over the next 3 months, These are National magazines like Mens Health and natural bodybuilding. Most of these articles are about my success with Spinal Decompression therapy in treating disc herniations. This Non Surgical technique has revolutionized the way I practice. to learn more about spinal decompression in New York.
Dr. Shoshany

Thursday, May 04, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
New York Chiropractor offers medical breakthrough procedure that can correct herniated disc problems without surgery. Spinal decompression therapy is the hottest new non surgical procedure that is changing the lives of so many patients.Learn more about this amazing new procedure at

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
Working in NYC is stressfull enough, Imagine on top of that your back or neck hurting! So many people go through their day with tremoundous tension placed on their neck and back. Chiropractic is a great way to reduce your every day stress and enhance your well being. If you are suffering due to disc herniations Spinal decompression maybe your best option. To learn more about this great technique that is 86%-91% succesful in resolving Disc herniations visit

Monday, May 01, 2006

New York Chiropractor
Good Monday. This past couple of days has been amazing. I am excited to get back into the swing of things and adjust patients. Today is a busy day with allot of patient scheduled up until 7:00 PM. Working as a Chiropractor in a busy city like New York there never is a shortage of new patients and new business. Now that spring has sprung, allot of people are outside and streching is important prior to excercise. To many people have been coming in with neck injuries because of not streching prior to strenous excercise.
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