Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Wow is it hot out there, dont forget to drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun, I had a patient that came in last week in terrible pain within 4 adjustments she was happy and painfree but she bent over to pick up a potted plant and wammo the pain came right back. After 2 more visits she was better and now I am instructing her on how to bend and lift and strengthen her back to prevent this from happening again.

Monday, July 25, 2005

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What a great weekend. I finally had a great summer weekend. After working all last week in my New York city office, I took a trip out to Sag Harbour for the weekend. I enjoyed the beach and some fishing and spending some time watching the sun set. As I relaxed I did some thinking about how important it is to stop and smell the roses or plain old taking a break once in a while. As a Chiropractor I see many people that live and work in New York City and have the hustle and bustle lifestyle. All to often people work themselves till there bodies almost shut down automatically( really bad cold, infection, nervous breakdown). Mantaining and achieving health is not as simple as geting an adjustment I wish it was, it involves taking care of you Physical body your emotional state and getting rest and eating the right foods. It is easier to prevent illness than wait till you are ill and try to get healthy.Visit for more health tips

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New York Chiropractor
I have been asked to publish a article about kids getting adjusted. Many progressive parents understand the benefit of having there child have a spine that is free of nerve interference. Most people the idea of having a child have there spine adjusted is strange or foreign. Most parents take there child in for routine vision or dental exams but the spine is a structure that is changing quickly and sometimes endures stress from falls, heavy backpacks or sometimes even being born. It is very important that children have an opportunity to be evaluated by a Chiropractor that is familiar with the pediatric spine. I am one of only a few Chiropractors in New York City that is a specialist in this area. NewYork City parents should get there children checked by a Chiropractor for spinal misalignments.
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

New York Chiropractor
Today I am going to write about fever in children. The reason I am picking this topic is because last night as I was walking home in Tribecca aftera busy day as a Chiropractor my son has a pretty high fever. I was reminded of being back at school and thinking does this stuff (chiropractic) really work. Fever is the bodies primary defense mechanism, the body in raises the tempeture to fight infection and mobilize white blood cells and make the body heal. Many parents would want to give tylenol or motrin but in my opinion that is not in the childs best interest. Monitor the child and allow fever to run its course, sometimes an adjustment will cause a natural break in the temp. and the child will sleep all night and wake up better. As a chiropractor I am constentally challenged but I know that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself when you remove the interference.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New York Chiropractor
So many New Yorkers are in pain, I have had patients come in that take 4-6 advils a day. This is not only to much it is unhealthy. Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra are all pulled or are being pulled off the market, Chiropractic care is a much safer and more natural approach to managing your pains and correcting the cause of your problem. There have been numerous studies valadating the safety and efficiancy with Chiropractic care in treating pain and many muscloskeltal conditions. What many New York City residents do not know is that a Chiropractor also works with balancing the autonomic nervous system (this regulates the tone of every tissue organ and gland) this system is made up of the sympathetic and para sympathetics. If you suffer asthma, ear infections gastrointestinal disturbances a series of Chiropractic adjustments may help alleviate symptoms and more importantly begin to correct the cause of the problem.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New York City Chiropractor

Today at we added an are that makes it easier for potential patients to contact me and ask questions it is listed under ask the doctor. There are so many people in New York City that can benefit from a Chiropractor. I see it every day on the subways and the sidewalks. If you are suffering from Lower back pain, Neck pain Headaches our are concerned about your general health and want to take a proacitve move in empowering yourself get adjusted. There is always a new excitng thing that happens in my office on a daily basis,I have seen many miracles and witnessed amazing changes in a very short period of time, especially with children that suffer from ear infections, colic and failure to thrive syndrome. How can an adjustment help that you ask? Well for starters the nervous system controls and cordinates the function of every cell and tissue in the body ( check out the interactive center at and when the spinal bones misaligned from minor falls or sleeping the wrong way or even the birth proccess they can cause pressure on the nerves. This pressure can only be detected by a Chiropractor that is trained to look for this subtle problems that often go untreated for years and sometimes a lifetime. I am one of only a couple of Chiropractors in New York City that is trained in adjusting young children and pregnant women. If you are interested in consulting with me our need a refferal to another Chiropractor that is closer to you please feel free to email me at

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Monday, July 11, 2005

New York Chiropractor
Boy is it hot out in New York City Today! I am thankful that I get to work inside with airconditioning on a day like today. If you are as fortunate as I am and have aircondtioning remember not to sleep to close to the A.C. I have had many patients recently come in with stiff necks from sleeping to close to the A.C. I also have seen some New Yorkers come in with heat exhaustion so remember drink plenty of water today.
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Friday, July 08, 2005

New York Chiropractor
I cant believe today is Friday the week flew by. I had some interesting cases this week none the less. I had one women that had a back surgery when she was 13 she is now 23 and the pain and numbness returned and she did not want to have another back surgery,she was unable to walk or stand up straight and had to take a taxi downtown to see me (If you don't live in New York City it can add up quick). After only 3 visits she was able to stand straighter suffered less pain and was able to take the train to my Greenwich village office as opposed to a costly taxi ride. In my 7 years at My Downtown New York city office I have seen many types of patients young and old rich and poor but the one thing that remains constant is that they all benifit when there spines are in alignment and they have less subluxations and they are healthier.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

New York City Chiropractor
Today I am going to be brief, Being a New York City resident and practicing in lower Manhattan I feel for the resident of London after they experienced a terrorist attack. Let us as American and as New Yorkers remain vigilant and understand we are at war with barbarians that will do anything to spread there evil message of hatred. God Bless America and until tomorrow.
Dr. Steven Shoshany

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New York Chiropractor
I had a great relaxing long weekend. I am happy to be back to work as a New York City Chiropractor. My schedule is packed today with people coming back from a long weekend. Usually patients come in after sleeping on strange beds like a futon or even the floor and that seems to mess up peoples spines a bit. A Chiropractic adjustment is a much welcomed way to start the work week. Visit my website at and learn about ways you can reduce stress while traveling. One other thing I noticed is that many people that work and live in New York city and see a Chiropractor are extremelly busy, but making the time for an adjustment can really keep you healthy and keep your spine in tip top shape.
Until next time.
Yours in health
Dr Steven Shoshany
New York Chiropractor