Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan

I recently got paid for a Workers Compensation case for Spinal decompression, I am excited because this is the first time I received payment from Workers Comp for Spinal decompression.

This should bring some hope to patients that are suffering from chronic low back pain.

If you have State Insurance Fund forget about get approved, I found that only 10-15% of Workers comp carriers will approve Spinal Decompression treatment.

What I am trying to do is show the carrier the cost savings, Patients that undergo spinal decompression treatment report a much higher success rate without surgery than surgical procedures and don't have to lose time from work.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that Canada now requires patients that have herniated disc to undergo spinal decompression prior to approving a 50K back surgery! Only if the medical system here did that.

Michael Moore's movie "sicko" opens this weekend go see it and you will understand.

Some progressive Medical carriers are now seeing the value in Spinal Decompression.

For the month of July I am offering a roll back in prices for a complete treatment protocol from 4K to 3,500K. If you are in Manhattan contact (212) 645-8151 today for a consult

Monday, June 18, 2007

DRX 9000 and spinal decompression compared to manual flexion distraction
Many patients have been questioning the difference between spinal decompression via the DRX 9000 and standard flexion-distraction technique via the cox or leander table.
Dr. Davis in San Fransico gives the answer below.
What's special about spinal decompression on the DRX9000 vs. traction or(flexion distraction) is that the DRX9000 has a brain. It is fully computerized. When you pull on the spine, the muscles resist. The DRX9000 senses this and makes adjustments, over 20 times per second. It has ambi-directional motor that allows it to spin backwards and forwards at super speeds while at the same time maintaining a constant tension, or logarithmic curve. In a nutshell, it is able to slice through all the muscle spasm and isolate on a specific spinal segment and create separation. This is the big difference between traction which stretches and pulls everything which could make the problem worse. That's way a traction machine costs $2500 and a DRX9000 cost over $100,000.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Vax-D vs. the DRX 9000
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Let me again explain the difference between the DRX spinal decompression and other typical spinal traction units. The DRX is three generations past the initial VAX-D table developed years ago. Actually, the former North American distributor of VAX-D is the present manufacturer of DRX who had requested upgrades to the VAX-D unit but was refused, which explains why the VAX-D hasn’t changed in twenty years. So he and other decompression spinal practitioners brainstormed the problems with VAX-D, and with the help of many engineers, the DRX 9000 unit was developed just a few years ago.

The problems with the VAX-D were numerous:

· non-specific for disc levels with its straight-line traction
· required patients had to hold on with their hands causing severe shoulder/arm problems
· inherent muscular resistance failed to achieve direct or specific decompression of the spinal column
· and the prone position was very uncomfortable for most patients, especially to women.

The DRX engineers solved these problems and improved the outcomes greatly:
· patients are placed supine wearing two harnesses to avoid holding on with their hands and, thus, avoid the muscular resistance found in the VAX-D
· the amount of decompression can be targeted to the specific disc level by varying the angle of traction
· computers automatically gauge the amount of decompression for each patient
· clinical studies have shown the DRX significantly reduces back pain in many patients who complete the program.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

DRX 9000 Manhattan,New York Chiropractor Call 212 645 8151 for spinal decompression in NYC with the DRX 9000

I found this great article today.
I thought I would post it

Surgery Not Only Alternative For Back Pain Friday, June 01, 2007 12:31:53 PM

Surgery Not Only Alternative For Back Pain

Nancy Gay, News 13 Medical Reporter
If you suffer from back pain you know how debilitating it can be.

News 13's Medical Reporter Nancy Gay learned about a way to treat the symptoms without surgery.
For anyone who has tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, medicine, massages, and even considered surgery to get rid of back pain, there is an alternative treatment they may want to consider.
"My left leg would burn, my back would feel like something was just squeezing all the time and I just couldn't get rid of the pain. It actually got to the point where I was in tears, I was in so much pain," said Cindy Rogers.
Days before she was scheduled for back surgery, Rogers decided to take another route -- spinal decompression.
"It causes a decompression to the spine and it sucks the disc material back into the disc and it brings fresh blood flow to the area and it helps with the healing process," said Dr. Damon Stafford of the Back 2 Life clinic.
Stafford said that spinal decompression is a great last resort before surgery. It can also help some people with failed back surgeries. An exam and MRI will determine the level of treatment. The DRX 9000 is then programmed specifically for each patient.
"They come in on the machine and their bodies are immediately relaxed and their muscle spasms are decreased and the separation of the bones causes the pressure to be off the nerves, decreasing their symptoms," Stafford said.
Patients also undergo electrical muscle stimulation. Rogers said the procedure helped her get back to doing her favorite things.
"Now I can do yard work. I walk two miles a day. I am a completely different person," Rogers said.
Stafford said patients are usually back to their daily activities within two to three weeks after treatment.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

DRX 9000 Manhattan New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan

I had a recent patient that already completed Spinal decompression on the Vax-D table here in New York City three years ago. He recently herniated a disc in his lumbar spine again and wanted another series of treatments.

He was really happy with the outcomes but he re injured his shoulder recently and cannot do spinal decompression on that table. vax-d is difficult if not impossible to treat patients with shoulder pain

He chose the DRX 9000 table due to its comfort and proven track record.

I have seen patients from around the globe that seek out treatment on the DRX 9000.

These patients have learned that this is the best table on the market to date and after working with this table I have to agree.