DRX 9000 and spinal decompression compared to manual flexion distraction

Many patients have been questioning the difference between spinal decompression via the DRX 9000 and standard flexion-distraction technique via the cox or leander table.
Dr. Davis in San Fransico gives the answer below.
What's special about spinal decompression on the DRX9000 vs. traction or(flexion distraction) is that the DRX9000 has a brain. It is fully computerized. When you pull on the spine, the muscles resist. The DRX9000 senses this and makes adjustments, over 20 times per second. It has ambi-directional motor that allows it to spin backwards and forwards at super speeds while at the same time maintaining a constant tension, or logarithmic curve. In a nutshell, it is able to slice through all the muscle spasm and isolate on a specific spinal segment and create separation. This is the big difference between traction which stretches and pulls everything which could make the problem worse. That's way a traction machine costs $2500 and a DRX9000 cost over $100,000.


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