Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
Drx 9000 is a Spinal Decompression unit that has an extremly high rate of success in treating Disc herniations and Disc bulges.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

New york Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
I just added a new tool to my practice that I wanted to share with my readers, It is called the Power Plate. the Power plate is a Whole Body Vibrational Platform that Helps to loosen up muscles increase circulation and build bone density.I know of several doctors that are using the equipment and getting excellent results with Knee and ankle rehab.
I intend to help my patients with Pelvic floor weakness and Lower back pain.
I believe that I will bill the only doctor in Manhattan that will have this unit.
visit to learn more.
This machine will enhance the benifts of spinal decompression and allow more blood to return the disc before starting Spinal decompression treatment.
I anticipate this being a real postive addition to the practice.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal Decompression
Spinal Decompression in New York City has really taken off! I know of at least 7 doctors that offer this treatment in Manhattan right now.
Many of these doctors buy an overpriced table in hopes of making a fortune as promised to them by ads in the back of Chiropractic magazines.
This technique is highly effective for someone suffering with back pain or Disc herniation but it is not a panacea.
I have to be selective with the patients I choose, I only choose patients that I know will benifit from care. In my opinion just to put anyone on the table just to keep the table full is unethical.
This website has a wealth of information about non-surgical spinal decompression. I explore both the benifits and the risks,Albeit the risks are virtually non-exsistent. DRX 9000 is a commonly used table along with Accuspina and 3d active trac. All of these tables do the same exact thing, I really like to educate patients along with doctors not to fall for marketing gimicks claiming that their table was invented by NASA.
Manhattan is a competitive area and many new doctors are using spinal decompression to treat disc herniations but I still feel that if you practice with ethics that people will clearly pick me over a table. The magic is not in the name or the manufacture.
Spinal Decompression is gaining popularity and I want it t become the treatment of choice when it comes to treating back pain associated with Disc herniaton or spinal stenosis.

Monday, September 11, 2006

New York Chiropractor,Spinal decompression
September 11th. 2006
Marking the 5th. anniversy of the September 11
God Bless America

Monday, September 04, 2006

New York Chiropractor, Spinal Decompression
This has been really interesting , that is watching the spinal decompression market. I started doing Spinal decompression last year I guess before it was the hottest Non Surgical Disc treatment. The reason I got into this method is that I had several patients that had disc herniations that did not respond to my Chiropractic methods and I would refer them out to a neurosurgeon and usually they recommended surgery.
I investigated diffrent Spinal decompression tables, I did not want to get my information from the vendor because they want to sell tables.
I looked into the FDA website and I learned that all tables have the same exact FDA clearance and the FDA doesn't distinguish the difference between the tables. In fact the only table that can really claim that it is doing Spinal decompression is the Vax-D table it has a patent on the logirithmic curve and it is actively pursuing enforcing its patent.
It is ammusing that man of my colleuges are buying tables and automatically are in the game, but there is more to Non Surgical Spinal Decompression then buying a table. If a doctor doesnt use a rehab program along with the treatment it is an expensive program that usually doesnt stick.
Some times patients and doctors get so hung up on the table for instance ,the DRX 9000, they have done a great job in branding the table as a spinal decompression table but they bash any other table on the market and claim to be the best. Most of these claims are completely unproven and most table manufacutures steal other research studies. Is the DRx 900 a good tables? It sure is but it is not the only table and to say it is false.
I think it is like a caluculator company saying their calculator adds better than its competetor!
I use FDA approved tables along with Rehab program and I get excellent clincial results.
If there is any Doctor that is interested in conducting a study that I hope to get published please contact me.
If you are a patient in New York City and are seriously considering a visit to a doctor for Non Surgical Spinal decompression please fax me your MRI results at (603) 584 5825 I will give you an immediate second opinion.
Disc herniations, Disc bulges, Spinal disc degenerations and Sciatica all respond to Spinal Decompression treatment if your suffering from back pain consider Spinal decompression with a Spinal Decompression specialist in New York City.