Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Back Season Approaches

As the last of the leaves are falling from the trees and Thanksgiving celebrations bear down on us, it occurs to me that this is the time when bad backs really start to rear their ugly heads. Maybe you are raking the leaves and bending to stuff them in bags. Pretty soon you’ll probably be worrying about shoveling snow which we all know can be a backbreaker. The fact is, this is the time of year when the chores we have to do around the house put a heavier strain on our backs and necks. Problems will come up.

Back pain has so many causes but there is one fairly straightforward rule that can help prevent you from aggravating a finicky back. Chiropractors and doctors say it all the time, but remember to lift with your legs, not with your back. It’s easier said than done; frankly, it can be irritating to start, but if you want to keep from getting a sore back or a crick in your neck, this is the first step to doing so. Taking frequent breaks and remembering to stay hydrated are also important to not overdoing it.

So what if things have gone too far and your back or neck are already hurting? That’s where Living Well Medical in NYC comes in. We take a multi-faceted approach to pain relief, relying primarily upon non-surgical methods. Treatments like spinal decompression therapy, physical therapy (to strengthen the lower back and neck) and chiropractic adjustment are only a few of the effective methods we use; Active Release Technique and the Graston Technique also are important for improving range of motion. In the worst cases, we also offer pain management injections like epidurals to stop pain.

If you have a back problem thanks to the season’s work, not to worry - we can help. Call my office in the SoHo / NoHo area of NYC at (212) 645-8151 and ask what we can do for you. If nothing else, the bad back season doesn’t have to follow you around all winter long.

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor

Monday, November 08, 2010

What is that pain in my leg?

Leg pain stinks, that’s pretty straight forward. You feel it every time you take a step - there’s no avoiding it. Virtually everything we do, even sitting, has something to do with our legs. If you have leg pain, chronic or acute, you are already intimately aware of that fact. What you may not have known isn’t necessarily even related to your legs. As is sometimes the case, leg pain can actually be caused by spinal issues. At Living Well Medical in NYC, non-surgical treatment of the spine is one of our strengths, so we see cases like these all the time. Let’s explain a little more what’s happening in your body that makes you leg hurt so badly.

As you likely know, the spine houses and protects the nerves as they provide sensation, information and movement to the body. Near the base of the spine in the lumbar region are the nerve roots that supply the legs and lower body with nerve function, what we call innervation. Sometimes due to anatomical defects and sometimes due to injuries, these nerves can be compressed or pinched which leads to inflammation and pain. In the worst cases, long term pinched nerves (or impingement as it is also called) can lead to muscle weakness and numbness.

In cases like these, a herniated disc might be the cause of the pinched nerve and leg pain. My practice has a number of different therapies and treatments available for conditions like these. In fact, we are well prepared to treat most any kind of pain. Of particular use for disc-related pain is spinal decompression therapy, a relatively new technology for spinal disc treatment. Chiropractic, physical therapy, and Active Release Technique have also proven invaluable in treating leg pain.

At our SoHo NYC office we see people with pain ranging from sports injuries to severe back pain. If you are suffering with leg pain, call us - we want to help: (212) 645-8151.

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Treatment for Injuries before the ING New York Marathon

The big race is nearly upon us and running enthusiasts get to see the year’s biggest event in just a few days! It’s an exciting time for the athletes too as the most grueling of the training finishes up in preparation for the larger goal. This is also the time when injuries are rearing their ugly, unwelcome heads. The athletes have spend so much time, effort and money to be here - it’s a heart-breaker to even imagine one of them not being able to race. That’s why Living Well Medical in SoHo is here; we help endurance athletes not miss a moment with supportive therapies like ART and kinesio taping (using a complete line of taping products including Kinesio Tape, Rocktape, and KT Tape).

In fact, this is the first year that KT tape will be offered as a free service to competitors at the New York Marathon Health and Fitness Expo. Held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, this year sees a combined effort of the New York Running Company and KT Tape to get people in gear for the race of a lifetime. I’ll actually be there both this Friday and Saturday taping any and all runners coming in to the New York Running Company booth. The best part being that since a single application of KT Tape can last up to 5 days, anyone coming in on Friday or Saturday for taping can be ready to go for the Sunday marathon!

Kinesiology tape in general is an effective treatment for common repeat stress injuries like shin splints, Iliotibial band syndrome pain, ankle pain, runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis and several other problems. Active Release Technique is an excellent complement to taping for relief of pain. We have all of these services available at Living Well Medical in lower Manhattan and are here to help if marathon runners need us; I'll be in the SoHo office both Friday and Saturday as well. We’ll be open Wednesday through Saturday - give us a call at 212-645-8151 if you are having troubles with stubborn pain.

And to all the people running on Sunday, best of luck and give it your all!

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor