Thursday, February 28, 2008

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This is just information worth viewing and knowing about. If you require more info on Canadian/European type health care speak to Canadians who really need specialized treatment. Let them share their nightmare about government sponsored health care systems. I have friends in Canada who have experienced this type of nightmare first hand...

A short but poignant independent film on government sponsored health care systems.

The reason I added this to my Blog about NYC Chiropractic is because so many people think that socialized medicine would be such a good idea! Not so.
I practice in Manhattan and I think that it would be like Medicare, which is a federally funded program. I know so many excellent Doctors of medicine and Chiropractors that refuse to deal with Medicare.I think that if Health care was made 100% tax deductible would make it much better than socialized medicine.

To many people do not have insurance but they pay out of pocket for their health care it should be a deductible expense.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Spinal Decompression
I came into my NYC Chiropractic a bit early today,i was listening to satellite radio and I heard an ad about a new product called the turtle, This turtle was touted as the solution for chronic back pain.I found the company called usa back turtle.
It looks like a nice cushion, but what I thought was interesting was they said it worked on the principles of spinal decompression.
I use equipment that requires patients to lie on their back and harness them into the table, I can't see you this cushion does anything similar to what a spinal decompression table does.
A couple of months ago I reviewed the teeter inversion table.
Basically if you want true spinal decompression allow doctors that are trained in this to deliver this technique.
Call (212) 645-8151 for Chiropractic in NYC or Spinal decompression.

Spinal Decompression

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chiropractic NYC
I wanted to let my readers know about a recent success story.
I had a patient that came in with horrible sciatica, The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and when it is pinched or when a disc is herniated the pain is horrible.
So back to the patient, She lives and works in NYC and was searching for a Chiropractic in NYC. She happened upon my site and came in for a visit.
She could barely stand upright and was in agony to the point of tears.
I did an exam and determined that she had a herniated disc and to confirm that I refereed her out for an MRI that showed a large disc herniation at L5 S1 putting pressure on the S1 nerve root. I also ordered a Nerve test to confirm nerve root involvement.
I started her treatment with conservative Chiropractic care and Spinal decompression on the DRX 9000. After 2 weeks she is back in the gym and is virtually pain free.
Today was the 15th visit on the DRX 9000 and she was so happy to be out of pain and back in the gym.
I will refer her out for another MRI in about 3 months to confirm reduction of disc herniation, I will be sure to post those with the patients permission.
These are the typical cases that I see. If you have Chronic back pain and live or work in NYC consider this treatment.
Whats even more exciting is this treatment can be covered by most medical insurance.
Call our office at (212) 645-8151 we can verify before you come in if your insurance company will help pay for this procedure.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Top Stories
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This is important for people to know about, The Big insurance companies do not have your health as their primary concern it is to their shareholders and bottom line!
I am a New York Chiropractor and I have seen first hand how these companies can confuse patients and try to stick the bill on someone else.
If I see a patient for more than five visits, this company spits out a form that asks if it was a car accident and denies payment if the form is not filled out right away.
As a consumer we should know what our policy will cover and know our rights.
In my Manhattan Chiropractic practice, I always inform patients about the misleading poilicies and inform my patients I work for them not the insurance companies.

NY Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo

by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo
2/13/2008 3:34:41 PM

Database Company Ingenix – Used by Dozens of Insurers – at Center of Scheme

Cuomo Notifies Ingenix and its Parent, UnitedHealth Group, of Intent to File Suit; Subpoenas 16 Other Companies

NEW YORK, NY (February 13, 2008) – Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that he is conducting an industry-wide investigation into a scheme by health insurers to defraud consumers by manipulating reimbursement rates. At the center of the scheme is Ingenix, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of healthcare billing information, which serves as a conduit for rigged data to the largest insurers in the country.

Cuomo also announced that he has issued 16 subpoenas to the nation’s largest health insurance companies including Aetna (NYSE: AET), CIGNA (NYSE: CI), and Empire BlueCross BlueShield (NYSE: WLP), and that he intends to file suit against Ingenix, Inc, its parent UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH), and three additional subsidiaries.

The six-month investigation found that Ingenix operates a defective and manipulated database that most major health insurance companies use to set reimbursement rates for out-of-network medical expenses. Further, the investigation found that two subsidiaries of United (the “United insurers”) dramatically under-reimbursed their members for out-of-network medical expenses by using data provided by Ingenix.

Under the United insurers’ health plans, members pay a higher premium for the right to use out-of-network doctors. In exchange, the insurers promise to cover up to 80% of either the doctor’s full bill or of the “reasonable and customary” rate depending upon which is cheaper.

The Attorney General’s investigation found that by distorting the “reasonable and customary” rate, the United insurers were able to keep their reimbursements artificially low and force patients to absorb a higher share of the costs.

“Getting insurance companies to keep their promises and cover medical costs can be hard enough as it is,” said Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. “But when insurers like United create convoluted and dishonest systems for determining the rate of reimbursement, real people get stuck with excessive bills and are less likely to seek the care they need.”

Cuomo’s investigation also found a clear example of the scheme: United insurers knew most simple doctor visits cost $200, but claimed to their members the typical rate was only $77. The insurers then applied the contractual reimbursement rate of 80%, covering only $62 for a $200 bill, and leaving the patient to cover the $138 balance.

The United insurers and many other health insurance companies relied on the Ingenix database to determine their “reasonable and customary” rates. The Ingenix database used the insurers’ billing information to calculate a “reasonable and customary” rate for individual claims by assessing how much a similar type of medical service would typically cost, generally taking into account the type of service, physician, and geographical location. However, the investigation showed that the “reasonable and customary” rates produced by Ingenix were remarkably lower than the actual cost of typical medical expenses.

The United insurers and Ingenix are owned by the same parent corporation, United HealthGroup. When members complained their medical costs were unfairly high, the United insurers hid their connection to Ingenix by claiming the rate was the product of “independent research.” The Attorney General’s notice to United expressed concern that the company’s ownership of Ingenix created a clear conflict of interest because their relationship gave Ingenix an incentive to set rates that benefited United and its subsidiaries.

Cuomo’s notice of intent to sue names the following potential defendants: UnitedHealth Group and its subsidiaries, United HealthCare Insurance Company of New York, Inc., United Healthcare of New York, Inc., United Healthcare Services, Inc. and Ingenix.

The subpoenas served today request documents showing how the insurer computes reasonable and customary rates, copies of member complaints and appeals, and communications with members and between Ingenix and the insurer on the issue.

Cuomo continued, “The lack of accuracy, transparency, and independence surrounding United’s process for setting a ‘reasonable and customary rate’ is astounding. United’s ownership of Ingenix coupled with the inherent problems with the data it is using clearly demonstrate a broken reimbursement system designed to rip off patients and steer them towards in-network-doctors that cost the insurer less money.”

Consumers Union Programs Director Chuck Bell said, "Based on the findings in this investigation, it appears that United Health failed to fulfill the promises it made to cover a fair portion of medical expenses, and consumers were stuck with the bill. The current process for establishing ‘reasonable and customary’ rates is riddled with conflicts of interest and manipulations that consistently lead to patients paying more, and insurers paying less. We applaud Attorney General Cuomo for taking on this issue which is vitally important for consumers everywhere.”

Cancer Care’s Associate Executive Director Ellen Coleman said, “Cancer patients and others faced with life-threatening illnesses need to know that a fair portion of the often overwhelming medical expenses will be covered by their insurance company. Insurers should fulfill their promises and not leave patients forced to choose between the medical care they need and the medical care they can afford. Cancer Care thanks Attorney General Cuomo for taking action on this issue and for continuing to protect the rights of patients.”

“The litigation initiated by the Attorney General is critically important for two reasons,” said Ron Pollack, Executive Director of the health consumer organization Families USA. “First, it is essential that health services obtained outside of a network be compensated fairly and adequately. Eighteen million Americans under the age of 65 will spend more than a quarter of their family income on health care this year, and healthcare debt is the number one cause of individual bankruptcy. Second, there needs to be transparency in these payment arrangements. For these reasons, we support the efforts of the Attorney General.”

The American Medical Association's President-elect Nancy Nielsen M.D. said, “The investigation launched today by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo calls into question the validity of a system that health insurers have used for years to reimburse physicians and their enrolled members. Patients have a right to expect fair and accurate payment for services promised by health insurers. The AMA greatly appreciates the Attorney General’s interest and leadership in protecting consumers, and we offer our full cooperation in any effort to hold UnitedHealth accountable to New York state laws.”

The Medical Society of the State of New York President Dr. Robert Goldberg said, “The Medical Society of the State of New York applauds Attorney General Cuomo and his hard-working staff for their diligent efforts in moving forward in an investigation that we believe will have long term benefits to healthcare in New York. MSSNY also applauds the Attorney General for acting on the complaints of our patients and our physician members.”

The Attorney General’s industry-wide investigation is being handled by Acting Deputy Chief of the Healthcare Bureau James Dering as well as members of the Healthcare Industry Taskforce, Assistant Attorneys General Brant Campbell and Sandra Rodriguez, under the direction of the head of the Attorney General’s Healthcare Industry Taskforce, Linda Lacewell.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chiropractic NYC

Chiropractic NYC

Are you looking for a Chiropractor in NYC that practices Chiropractic combined with Physical therapy and medical massage? Dr. Steven Shoshany is NYC’s most progressive Chiropractor. Dr. Shoshany has been continually adding to his treatment by attending post graduate seminars like obtaining a certification in the Cox technique and receiving and Diplomat in Chiropractic Extremities.
Dr. Shoshany has combined Chiropractic care with medical massage, physical therapy and spinal decompression techniques to provide one the most comprehensive treatment protocols available for Non-surgical management of low back pain associated with herniated disc’s, Sciatica, Facet syndrome and Spinal stenosis .
What makes Dr.Shoshany different than other New York City Chiropractor’s is his multi-disciplinary or integrated approach to managing the patient outcome. A new patient has every diagnostic test that was preformed in the past carefully re-analyzed such as MRI’s, CAT scans and nerve test results. Every effort is made to confirm the exact level of disc herniation and properly diagnosis what is causing the pain.
If a patient does not have these tests Dr. Shoshany has a comprehensive diagnostic department available, tests like diagnostic ultrasound can detect level of involvement and this test can be done without having to obtain an authorization and without going into a MRI tube.
Dr. Shoshany is the only Chiropractor in NYC that holds a patent on his Spinal decompression protocol, and has been consistently ranked as one of the
best Chiropractor’s on CitySearch and New York magazine.
If you require further care such as Pain Management we work with several of the top MD's in NYC that specialize in Pain management.
Did you know that your health insurance may pay for medical massage up to 30 visits a year?
We offer medical massage in our NYC Chiropractic office Our massage therapists our fully licenesed and trained in multiple disciplines.
If you are interested in a medical massage please contact our office at (212) 645-8151 to learn more.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Spinal Decompression

Last night for the first time I saw Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko”.
I know all my patients told me I should see it so I did. I felt it was important for me to comment on it on my Blog.
Insurance companies are in the business to make money and have to report to their shareholders and they make BIG money, their CEO’s make ridiculous sums of money while patients suffer and are denied essential services.
One portion of his film that stuck out to me was about how insurance companies deny claims and consider certain procedures “experimental”. This struck a chord with me because I use a procedure called Spinal decompression to treat my patients that suffer with Herniated discs and I get fantastic results but some insurance companies refuse to pay for this procedure. What I do not understand is why they will pay for a surgery and the entire fee’s that go along with surgery like anesthesia and hospital stay sometimes totaling more than $50,000 but will not pay for a spinal decompression procedure that costs $4,500.
I have even had insurance companies terminate contracts with me even if I had the patient pay me out of pocket for the Spinal decompression. These patients happily pay for this because they had a friend that completed treatment and they are now pain free.
What bothers me the most is that an insurance company can consider a treatment that has been proven to be effective and successful in reducing pain and increasing the disc space and take pressure of the pinched nerve “without surgery” experimental.
This is kind of like when that young girl in “Sicko” needed a cochlear implant and Cigna said it was experimental to put it in both ears! The patient fought and complained and eventually was able to get them to cover the procedure.
In the past I had several patients pay for the procedure and send letter after letter to their insurance and finally get reimbursed.
In my Manhattan Chiropractic practice I even had insurance companies pay me for spinal decompression 100%. It is really hit or miss, I recommend a patient that is interested in spinal decompression contact my office and we can verify benefits. Call (212) 645-8151 if you are within the Tri-state area.
So to get back to “Sicko”, Michael Moore mentioned Canada as a system that worked well. The one thing I know about the Canadian system is that before a patient is considered or approved for a back surgery they must undergo non invasive methods such as a 20 visit protocol on a spinal decompression system. Wow if only the insurance companies here where that progressive.
If you suffer with Sciatica or have been diagnosed with a herniated or bulging disc and have not been satisfied with your results consider Spinal decompression.
In my New York practice I utilize the DRX 9000 along with the Cox flexion distraction decompression table. This technique if done properly is very safe and very effective in reducing pressure on the nerve root and increasing disc height. I have study after study from Medical journals that document the effectiveness and safety of spinal decompression on my website

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan

For Treatment of Chronic Low back pain call the Dr. Steven Shoshany at (212) 645-8151
or visit
If you have a herniated disc and if you suffer from Sciatica and have been told you need a back surgery and are not sure call or visit the website to learn more about this technique.

SPECIAL REPORT on Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression to treat chronic low back pain now in the January issue of Pain Medicine News.

In most industrialized countries, chronic low back pain is recognized as a widespread condition. However, a Special Report supported through a grant from Axiom Worldwide is now featured in the January issue of Pain Medicine News. The Special Report was first featured in the December 2007 issue of Anesthesiology News and was then presented on-line at: in early January. The article has since become the most read article on this website. The Special Report highlights exciting research on a medical device that offers patients a non-surgical treatment option in treating chronic low back pain. The device is called the DRX9000™ and is manufactured by Axiom Worldwide of Tampa, FL. The authors of this Special Report are from the prestigious institutions of Duke University School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They conclude their Special Report by stating, “The DRX9000™ computerized nonsurgical spinal decompression systems were designed to provide maximum patient benefits with the use of a noninvasive approach that may help minimize health care resources and offer a potentially optimal therapeutic approach to the treatment of LBP [low back pain].”
Manhattan's top Chiropractor has combined the DRX 9000 treatment with the Cox flexion distraction decompression table to provide the most comprehensive treatment for low back pain due to herniated disc's in NYC.
This protocol has provided the best non surgical treatment of the herniated disc.
Dr. Shoshany has combined Chiropractic, Physical therapy and Pain management to provide the best treatment options for patients in New York that are suffering with Chronic low back.