Monday, September 24, 2007

New York Chiropractor
Since its introduction to the U.S. in 2001 by vibration pioneers - Power Plate North America, Acceleration TrainingTM (a.k.a. “vibration training") acceptance continues to increase steadily within the mainstream sports performance, fitness and wellness communities nationwide. Meanwhile, its stronghold in elite athletics, particularly professional and college football, surges onward. With more than 30 professional and college football teams, currently utilizing Power Plate® Acceleration Training™ products, Advanced Vibration TechnologyTM has quickly established itself as arguably the most relevant new strength and conditioning technology in elite football circles.

“Neuromuscular training using Power Plate® has a wide variety of benefits," said Jeff Fish, Oakland Raiders Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. “It increases strength, quickness and reaction time and provides warm-up, cool-down as well as injury-reduction benefits. The low impact nature of the Power Plate also makes it an effective tool for injury rehabilitation. The Power Plate® provides several physiological advantages in our program, and is critical in the overall development of our players."

Professional and college football strength and conditioning coaches, as well as head athletic trainers, are driven by three primary motivators: providing players a competitive edge, ensuring players’ safety and health every step of the way and keeping players on the field and out of the training room. Acceleration Training™ through vibration training is unique in its ability to achieve these ends.

Fish and the Raiders are among 15 NFL teams using Power Plate®, a list that also includes the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins and New York Giants. In the college ranks, the impact is no different with Power Plate North America’s client list comprising another “who’s who” list of elite programs, including UCLA, Notre Dame and National Champion University of Florida Gators (the aforementioned teams do not officially endorse Power Plate North America or its products).

“We used Acceleration Training with Power Plate® products extensively during our national championship run and traveled with it to Phoenix for the title game last year,” said Mickey Marotti, University of Florida Football Strength and Conditioning Coach. “Not only do I love the versatility and effectiveness of Power Plate®, our players also recognize the variety of benefits.”

Athletes’ Performance, the nation’s preeminent athletic training franchise, has championed Acceleration Training™ with Power Plate® products since its inception in the United States. Athletes' Performance facilities prepare more college prospects for the annual NFL professional football combine than any other training organization. Through this use and the outspoken endorsements of Athletes’ Performance founder and nationally-renown athletic training specialist - Mark Verstegen, Acceleration Training™ has established itself within professional and collegiate football.

“Acceleration Training™ is integral to sports performance methodology and Power Plate is the only choice for the elite athletic population,” said Verstegen. “We use Power Plate products across our entire methodology, from high performance to medical rehabilitation and regeneration.”

Backed by a host of published research, Acceleration Training™ with Power Plate® products offers a wide variety of benefits, including improved muscle strength, flexibility, balance, reaction time and quickness, hormonal release, pain reduction and expedited recovery of damaged muscles and tendons.

Acceleration Training™ via Power Plate® equipment exploits the body's innate reflexive response to disruptions in stability in order to achieve its varied benefits. Just as the leg kicks forward involuntarily when the doctor strikes the lower knee to test reflexes, the body's muscles engage in an involuntary reflexive muscle contraction in response to the vibration stimulus from Acceleration Training™. Muscles are forced to contract 25-50 times per second in response to mechanical vibrations delivered to the body from a central platform upon which static and dynamic exercises are performed.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Spinal Decompression using the DRX 9000
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Spinal decompression has really taken off as a treatment for disc herniation and sciatica. I have been receiving emails from patients and also have had patients come in and want to know the difference between all the tables on the market.
I currently use the 3D active trac and the DRX 9000, one is much more expensive and definitely a better table( The DRX 9000 is the best spinal decompression table for both doctor and patient).
What some patients complain about is doctors that are new to the spinal decompression market buying a low end table like the DTS and charging 4-5K for 20 visits, These tables can be bought new for 7K. This doesn't make sense and is unfair to patient.
I had a patient come in a couple of months ago and he was told by another Manhattan Chiropractor that his DTS table was the best on the market and he wanted $5,200 for the twenty visits, I charge 4K for 20 visits on the DRX 9000 and my table is 100 times better.
Before you as a patient fork over hard earned cash make sure you get on the best most comfortable table you can find.
I have been doing spinal decompression for close to three years in my Manhattan Chiropractic practice and as it becomes more well known I now have MD's that are sending in their difficult back pain patients.
If you would like a second opinion please email questions to
Non Surgical spinal decompression NYC
NYC Spinal Decompression
So in conclusion you get what you pay for, A Mercedes cost more than a Ford and they both get you from point A to B but the amenities on the Mercedes makes it more comfortable and a better experience.
In my practice I only buy the best equipment, this allows me to deliver the best spinal decompression care I can.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Manhattan Chiropractic Care
I had a patient come in for a consultation on Friday that has suffered with back pain and pain radiating into his left foot.
He already tried Chiropractic care and physical therapy in New York City.
He brought in his MRI's and his MRI report and I evaluated them and based on what I saw he had a large central disc herniation at L5-S1 putting pressure on the S-1 nerve root.
He is scheduled for surgery this Thursday but was curious to know if this can be resolved with Non surgical spinal decompression he heard about it from a friend that had a similar problem and spinal decompression corrected his problem.
I am very confident that a course of spinal decompression and corrective exercises would eliminate the need for an invasive back surgery.
There is a condition called Failed back surgery syndrome because surgery is not always the best option.
In this case i do not believe that his only option should be surgery.
If you suffer from herniated disc pain and have been to chiropractors,physical therapy and taking pain medications please email me or come in for a consultation in my Manhattan New York City practice.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Cervical spinal decompression
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I was emailed a question from a person yesterday in regards to our first lady, she recently underwent a surgery for pinched nerves in her neck. The person wanted to know what was the procedure and why she didn't try cervical decompression first.
he 2 1/2 -hour procedure at George Washington University Hospital enlarged the passageway where the nerves sit near the spinal column, removing pressure from the nerves, said Sally McDonough, Mrs. Bush's press secretary.

Mrs. Bush returned to the White House in the afternoon and was said to be resting comfortably. She has no public events scheduled through tomorrow. It was not immediately clear how much time she would need to recuperate.

"Every patient is different, so there's no kind of set time frame. She will certainly ease back into her schedule," McDonough said.

Mrs. Bush injured a nerve in her neck and shoulder earlier this year while hiking and has been undergoing physical therapy since.

While en route from Sydney to Hawaii, President Bush telephoned his wife at the hospital, and they spoke for two to three minutes, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.
Mrs. Bush told the president that the operation was a success.
"He said she sounded very well," Perino said. "He looks forward to getting back to help her in the recovery."
My take on this article from the Washington Post is that she underwent traditional Physical therapy. I work with Physical therapist's and therapy is not going to change the fact that the nerves are pinched. I am glad that the surgery was a success.
My opinion is try the most non-invasive therapies first and then if they don't work then do surgery. I have referred patients to surgeons for pinched nerves but most patients can respond without surgery. Cervical spinal decompression can help relieve chronic neck pain and pinched nerves in the cervical spine. In my Manhattan practice I utilize cervical decompression combined with cold laser therapy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New York Chiropractor

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Welcome back everyone,
I took a couple weeks off from blogging about my chiropractic practice but now I am back.
I enjoyed the last week or two of the summer,September is going to be a busy month.
I have a Medical doctor flying in from Sweeden to train with me on Spinal Decompression and cold laser protocols, I also have a group of MD's coming in from Japan to learn more about spinal decompression protocols. What I find very interesting is that more and more Medical doctors across the globe are interested in this non surgical treatment but here in the states a majority of doctors do not know enough about this technique.
What is even more interesting is that US insurance companies are considering this experimental and other countries like Canada are now making patients do this prior to approving a more costly surgery!
I am carrying over my August special for two more weeks, Normally 4K if prepaid only 3,200. This offer is only good till Sept 15.
This technique is fantastic for those that have been suffering with Chronic low back pain