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I had a patient come in for a consultation on Friday that has suffered with back pain and pain radiating into his left foot.
He already tried Chiropractic care and physical therapy in New York City.
He brought in his MRI's and his MRI report and I evaluated them and based on what I saw he had a large central disc herniation at L5-S1 putting pressure on the S-1 nerve root.
He is scheduled for surgery this Thursday but was curious to know if this can be resolved with Non surgical spinal decompression he heard about it from a friend that had a similar problem and spinal decompression corrected his problem.
I am very confident that a course of spinal decompression and corrective exercises would eliminate the need for an invasive back surgery.
There is a condition called Failed back surgery syndrome because surgery is not always the best option.
In this case i do not believe that his only option should be surgery.
If you suffer from herniated disc pain and have been to chiropractors,physical therapy and taking pain medications please email me or come in for a consultation in my Manhattan New York City practice.
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