Avoid a Back surgery-Non Surgical Back pain solutions-

There is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors are a excellent basketball team and behind a great team is a excellent Coach, Steven Kerr recently made headlines with his remarks by pleading to his fans to avoid back surgery due to the terrible side effects he experienced and advocated therapy instead.
As a practicing Chiropractor in NYC for over 20 years I have seen this happen many times.
Patients going the medical route are either prescribed dangerous and addictive medications that have deadly side effects  or are told to get a surgery.
American is currently in a Opioid Epidemic where close to 94 people a day are dying! due to abuse and overuse of prescribed narcotics this has also caused the current Heroin problem.

Surgery should be the last resort after you have exhausted all your non-surgical options.
 I wanted to share a recent news piece written by the Daily Mail that I was interviewed for below.
Daily Mail Chiropractic mention
I have seen tremendous success with Combining Chiropractic adjustments with Non-surgical spinal decompression utilizing the DRX 9000 machine.
If someone has a herniated or bulging disc that is causing them to suffer with back pain or even leg pain consider visiting a Chiropractor.
Chiropractic care has been proven time over time to be the most effective and safest treatment for those suffering with back pain.


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