Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

Back troubles a constant worry for you? We’ve all been there, or at least, statistics show that 8 in 10 of us will be there at some point in our lives. With that in mind, I’ve put together five important tips for avoiding back pain in the future. If you have pain now, call my practice, Living Well Medical in SoHo NYC at 212-645-8151 and make an appointment.

1. Go Green!

Eat dark green veggies that are high in iron and Vitamin K like spinach and broccoli! Strong bones are the foundation of a strong back, and it is believed that Vitamin K can help in the absorption of calcium, maintaining denser bones. Good salads make good bodies.

2. Stretch it Out!

Getting ready to play some sports or work out? Be sure and stretch your back and other muscles and joints. Preparing these areas for added strain and stress by stretching greatly reduces the risk of injury. It also feel pretty darn good.

3. Get Back in the Gym!

Staying in shape can have lasting benefits for your health overall but definitely contributes to avoiding injury, especially if it’s strength training for the back muscles that support the spine. But remember to start slow and easy if it’s your first time trying it! Safety is important when exercising. Also, refer to #2 for a pre-exercise must!

4. Sit up Straight!

Not like the way your mother used to say it. Sitting in an ergonomically correct posture can reduce any unnecessary strain put on the spine while engaging the supporting muscles of the spine. That means no atrophy which means less likelihood of injury. Remember to imagine that book on your head, too.

5. Have Sweet Dreams!

That’s right, sleep! That thing you keep ignoring! Get your 8 hours per night and your body will thank you. Sleep is the time when our body works hard at repairing damage and restoring energy. Without adequate rest, our coordination is poorer and we are more prone to injury. So hop in the sack a little earlier and catch some z’s!

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Herniated Disc? Ruptured Disc? Prolapsed Disc? What is the Difference?

The modern medical community has a lot of specialized vocabulary to describe what essentially boils down to back, leg or neck pain. And that’s fine.....except when it confuses and complicates things for a patient. Frankly, I think it happens a lot. A herniated disc, a prolapsed disc, a ruptured disc, they all sound pretty scary, but guess what? There is virtually no agreement in the medical community as to whether there is any real difference between the terms - their definitions are disputed all the time.

But what does the definition really matter? Isn’t it more important that we know there is pain? Isn’t that we know the cause of pain more important? In my opinion, it is absolutely more important.

The fact is, different doctors will interpret MRIs and x-rays differently. A single film might lead to multiple diagnoses. The focus should be on getting the right kind of treatment for pain and helping restore function and ability, not splitting hairs with definitions. That’s why at Living Well Medical in NYC, we put the spotlight on your well-being.

The fact is, for back injuries and pain that are disc-related, doctors and surgeons will often prescribe surgery when it isn’t necessary. Likely not even recommended. It’s the last line of defense, not the first. That’s how I see it. Living Well Medical takes the non-surgical route, using technology like spinal decompression and the DRX9000 to help stop the pain of herniated discs. Therapies like the Graston Technique, Physical Rehabilitation, and Low Level Laser Treatment can restore range of motion and improve muscle support. For everyone we see, we let their particular circumstances dictate treatment and we create a custom treatment program.

If you have a herniated disc and are suffering, come in and see us. We’re here to help. Call at 212-645-8151 for our office in SoHo, NYC and make your appointment for a free consultation..

- Dr. Steven Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Can you herniate your cervical disc from a violent sneeze?

A herniated disc from a violent sneeze?
We had a interesting case come in the other day, one of my regular Chiropractic patients that comes in for a monthly tune up came in complaining of horrible neck pain, that was giving her a headache and causing tingling and burning in her right fourth and fifth finger.
She was super stiff and wasn’t even able to lay face down without pain, during the history the only thing that she can mentioned is that she recently has been flying internationally and had a “massive sneeze” and her neck started to hurt and gradually got worse and worse. She wasn’t able to sleep or find a comfortable position and taking over the counter pain relievers did little to alleviate pain. Her Range of motion was severely restricted.
I immediately suspected a bulging disc so we referred her to a MRI facility in NYC and the results are as follows-
Bulging disc at C4-C5 without stenosis, Bulging disc and disc space shortening at C5-C6. Right parasagital herniation with posterior herniation with posterior-inferior extrusion and Central disc herniation at C6-C7 with thecal sac indentation.

These MRI findings are typical of a Motor vehicle accident, so this Violent Sneeze acted as a hyper flexion, extension injury or a whiplash type injury that caused bulging and herniated discs.
Believe it or not, the human sneeze has actually been clocked. A simple sneeze can travel at over 100 MPH - that's right, even faster than many cars will travel. Think of trying to instantly stop a vehicle traveling at that high a rate of speed. While the mucus of a sneeze weighs thousands of pounds less than that car or truck, you still have a rocket propulsion system in your head.

Understand, too, that the car may fare far better than your poor head. Our skulls and their accessory organs and glands are packed in extremely tight quarters. The very kind of percussion involved in a suppressed sneeze can wreak serious injury, mostly to the structures within our heads and neck.

We started her on Cox cervical flexion distraction, Acupuncture and Cervical spinal decompression to unload the discs. She is also talking some anti-inflammatory medication that was prescribed by the facilities medical doctor. She is on the road to recovery and will return to enjoying her life pain free thanks to Chiropractic care and Spinal decompression.
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Never hold back a sneeze because this can lead to a different set of problems but cover your mouth and use your hands to support your head and prevent the excessive movement when you sneeze if you are a violent sneezer.
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