Spinal Decompression using the DRX 9000

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Spinal decompression has really taken off as a treatment for disc herniation and sciatica. I have been receiving emails from patients and also have had patients come in and want to know the difference between all the tables on the market.
I currently use the 3D active trac and the DRX 9000, one is much more expensive and definitely a better table( The DRX 9000 is the best spinal decompression table for both doctor and patient).
What some patients complain about is doctors that are new to the spinal decompression market buying a low end table like the DTS and charging 4-5K for 20 visits, These tables can be bought new for 7K. This doesn't make sense and is unfair to patient.
I had a patient come in a couple of months ago and he was told by another Manhattan Chiropractor that his DTS table was the best on the market and he wanted $5,200 for the twenty visits, I charge 4K for 20 visits on the DRX 9000 and my table is 100 times better.
Before you as a patient fork over hard earned cash make sure you get on the best most comfortable table you can find.
I have been doing spinal decompression for close to three years in my Manhattan Chiropractic practice and as it becomes more well known I now have MD's that are sending in their difficult back pain patients.
If you would like a second opinion please email questions to drstevenshoshany@yahoo.com.
Non Surgical spinal decompression NYC
NYC Spinal Decompression
So in conclusion you get what you pay for, A Mercedes cost more than a Ford and they both get you from point A to B but the amenities on the Mercedes makes it more comfortable and a better experience.
In my practice I only buy the best equipment, this allows me to deliver the best spinal decompression care I can.


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