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Welcome back everyone,
I took a couple weeks off from blogging about my chiropractic practice but now I am back.
I enjoyed the last week or two of the summer,September is going to be a busy month.
I have a Medical doctor flying in from Sweeden to train with me on Spinal Decompression and cold laser protocols, I also have a group of MD's coming in from Japan to learn more about spinal decompression protocols. What I find very interesting is that more and more Medical doctors across the globe are interested in this non surgical treatment but here in the states a majority of doctors do not know enough about this technique.
What is even more interesting is that US insurance companies are considering this experimental and other countries like Canada are now making patients do this prior to approving a more costly surgery!
I am carrying over my August special for two more weeks, Normally 4K if prepaid only 3,200. This offer is only good till Sept 15.
This technique is fantastic for those that have been suffering with Chronic low back pain


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