NYC Chiropractor

This is just information worth viewing and knowing about. If you require more info on Canadian/European type health care speak to Canadians who really need specialized treatment. Let them share their nightmare about government sponsored health care systems. I have friends in Canada who have experienced this type of nightmare first hand...

A short but poignant independent film on government sponsored health care systems.

The reason I added this to my Blog about NYC Chiropractic is because so many people think that socialized medicine would be such a good idea! Not so.
I practice in Manhattan and I think that it would be like Medicare, which is a federally funded program. I know so many excellent Doctors of medicine and Chiropractors that refuse to deal with Medicare.I think that if Health care was made 100% tax deductible would make it much better than socialized medicine.

To many people do not have insurance but they pay out of pocket for their health care it should be a deductible expense.


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