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For Treatment of Chronic Low back pain call the Dr. Steven Shoshany at (212) 645-8151
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If you have a herniated disc and if you suffer from Sciatica and have been told you need a back surgery and are not sure call or visit the website to learn more about this technique.

SPECIAL REPORT on Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression to treat chronic low back pain now in the January issue of Pain Medicine News.

In most industrialized countries, chronic low back pain is recognized as a widespread condition. However, a Special Report supported through a grant from Axiom Worldwide is now featured in the January issue of Pain Medicine News. The Special Report was first featured in the December 2007 issue of Anesthesiology News and was then presented on-line at: in early January. The article has since become the most read article on this website. The Special Report highlights exciting research on a medical device that offers patients a non-surgical treatment option in treating chronic low back pain. The device is called the DRX9000™ and is manufactured by Axiom Worldwide of Tampa, FL. The authors of this Special Report are from the prestigious institutions of Duke University School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They conclude their Special Report by stating, “The DRX9000™ computerized nonsurgical spinal decompression systems were designed to provide maximum patient benefits with the use of a noninvasive approach that may help minimize health care resources and offer a potentially optimal therapeutic approach to the treatment of LBP [low back pain].”
Manhattan's top Chiropractor has combined the DRX 9000 treatment with the Cox flexion distraction decompression table to provide the most comprehensive treatment for low back pain due to herniated disc's in NYC.
This protocol has provided the best non surgical treatment of the herniated disc.
Dr. Shoshany has combined Chiropractic, Physical therapy and Pain management to provide the best treatment options for patients in New York that are suffering with Chronic low back.


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