Vax-D vs. the DRX 9000
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Let me again explain the difference between the DRX spinal decompression and other typical spinal traction units. The DRX is three generations past the initial VAX-D table developed years ago. Actually, the former North American distributor of VAX-D is the present manufacturer of DRX who had requested upgrades to the VAX-D unit but was refused, which explains why the VAX-D hasn’t changed in twenty years. So he and other decompression spinal practitioners brainstormed the problems with VAX-D, and with the help of many engineers, the DRX 9000 unit was developed just a few years ago.

The problems with the VAX-D were numerous:

· non-specific for disc levels with its straight-line traction
· required patients had to hold on with their hands causing severe shoulder/arm problems
· inherent muscular resistance failed to achieve direct or specific decompression of the spinal column
· and the prone position was very uncomfortable for most patients, especially to women.

The DRX engineers solved these problems and improved the outcomes greatly:
· patients are placed supine wearing two harnesses to avoid holding on with their hands and, thus, avoid the muscular resistance found in the VAX-D
· the amount of decompression can be targeted to the specific disc level by varying the angle of traction
· computers automatically gauge the amount of decompression for each patient
· clinical studies have shown the DRX significantly reduces back pain in many patients who complete the program.


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