New York City Chiropractor

Today at we added an are that makes it easier for potential patients to contact me and ask questions it is listed under ask the doctor. There are so many people in New York City that can benefit from a Chiropractor. I see it every day on the subways and the sidewalks. If you are suffering from Lower back pain, Neck pain Headaches our are concerned about your general health and want to take a proacitve move in empowering yourself get adjusted. There is always a new excitng thing that happens in my office on a daily basis,I have seen many miracles and witnessed amazing changes in a very short period of time, especially with children that suffer from ear infections, colic and failure to thrive syndrome. How can an adjustment help that you ask? Well for starters the nervous system controls and cordinates the function of every cell and tissue in the body ( check out the interactive center at and when the spinal bones misaligned from minor falls or sleeping the wrong way or even the birth proccess they can cause pressure on the nerves. This pressure can only be detected by a Chiropractor that is trained to look for this subtle problems that often go untreated for years and sometimes a lifetime. I am one of only a couple of Chiropractors in New York City that is trained in adjusting young children and pregnant women. If you are interested in consulting with me our need a refferal to another Chiropractor that is closer to you please feel free to email me at


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