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What a great weekend. I finally had a great summer weekend. After working all last week in my New York city office, I took a trip out to Sag Harbour for the weekend. I enjoyed the beach and some fishing and spending some time watching the sun set. As I relaxed I did some thinking about how important it is to stop and smell the roses or plain old taking a break once in a while. As a Chiropractor I see many people that live and work in New York City and have the hustle and bustle lifestyle. All to often people work themselves till there bodies almost shut down automatically( really bad cold, infection, nervous breakdown). Mantaining and achieving health is not as simple as geting an adjustment I wish it was, it involves taking care of you Physical body your emotional state and getting rest and eating the right foods. It is easier to prevent illness than wait till you are ill and try to get healthy.Visit for more health tips


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