New York Chiropractor
I cant believe today is Friday the week flew by. I had some interesting cases this week none the less. I had one women that had a back surgery when she was 13 she is now 23 and the pain and numbness returned and she did not want to have another back surgery,she was unable to walk or stand up straight and had to take a taxi downtown to see me (If you don't live in New York City it can add up quick). After only 3 visits she was able to stand straighter suffered less pain and was able to take the train to my Greenwich village office as opposed to a costly taxi ride. In my 7 years at My Downtown New York city office I have seen many types of patients young and old rich and poor but the one thing that remains constant is that they all benifit when there spines are in alignment and they have less subluxations and they are healthier.


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