New York Chiropractor initial post

First, please allow me to introduce to you a great New York Chiropractor. Dr. Steve Shoshany.

Dr. Steve Shoshany is a new breed of New York Chiropractor. This journal will be a look into the day to day life of a New York Chiropractor.

Dr. Shoshany, in your editors view, is one of the best Chiropractors in the New York City area and he proves it to my astonishment everyday. He has several claims to fame; He has an amazing success rate with disc compression / herniated disc. The word of his success rate has called out to people suffering from this malady like a beacon, and keeps him quite busy. Dr. Shoshany is also one of the Doctors selected by as one of the great Chiropractic Doctors of New York.

Dr. Shoshany's office is right in the heart of New York. It is convenient to Greenwich Village and Tribeca. Dr. Steve is a great person and one that really cares for the Health of his patients.

I will make a few more entries before turning this blog over to Dr. Steve. Until tomorrow.


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