Chiropractic Care in Manhattan / Spinal decompresssion and Cold laser

I recently had a person email me about spinal decompression and the fees associated with the treatment.
If someone does not have health insurance they can finance the treatment and spend as little as $89 a month. If they have insurance it really depends on the type of plan they have.
In New York we have patients that have horrible coverage and some with great coverage.
How much a patients pays really depends on so many things.
I had a patient with New York Workers Compensation that covered the whole treatment protocol 100%.
My recommendation is come in for a Complimentary evaluation with your MRI report to see if you are a candidate and to see if you qualify for treatment.
In order to keep my success ratios high I only accept patients that meet the criteria for Non Surgical spinal decompression.
I can also review your MRI report if it is emailed to me.


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