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Are all Spinal Decompression machines? Is one better than the other?
I get this question all the time from others Doctors about to buy a table and potential patients that are shopping around.
My opinion is that you get exactly what you pay for, I have two systems in my office one is the 3D active trac table that offers both cervical and lumbar decompression and the DRX 9000.
Once a patient goes on the DRX 9000 they do not want to get on the 3D active trac, do they do the same thing clinically, yes!
But Decompression on the DRX 9000 is more comfortable most patients are sleeping 10 minutes into the treatment.
If are considering treatment on other tables like the DTS system do your self a favor and at least visit a office that offers the DRX 9000 table and see and feel the diffrence.
I don't ewant to bash other tables but this is my Blog and I want to be honest, I prefer treating with the best equipment on the market.
It is like a car actually,
You can buy a honda or a geo or buy a mercedes and travel in style!
I prefer to travel in luxury I go with the mercedes.
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What is the Price Diffrences in tables?
A DTS system costs about 8 K and a DRX 9000 costs about 95K.
When a patient has to shell out money they want to be assured that it is the best equipment on the market.
I charge 3,500 for treatment on the DRX 9000, I have peers that charge 4K and some that charge 5 K!
I am offering a December Special because on January 1 prices go up, from $3,500 to $ 4,000.
Lock into this years price for next year with a $100 deposit.
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