New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan
Hope everyone has a Happy and healthy New Year.
The last few emails I received has to do with the effectiveness of the table DRX 9000 in comparision to the other tables on the market, I do not know of any double blinded study that was conducted comparing each table, but from a practioners point of view, I like the way the DRX 9000 is made and its ease of use and comfort to the patient.
If someone in New York has a herniated disc and is seeking Non Surgical Spinal decompression, I highly recommend that they visit or visit my website
If you are suffering with Chronic Low Back pain or Sciatica or if you have had a back surgery and you are not satisfied with the results I highly recommend you see a doctor that specializes in Spinal Decompression.
I offfer Spinal Decompression using the DRX 9000 and 3D active trac in my New York City office and I see awesome results, just the other day a patient completed treatment and brought me in a nice present and gave me the most genuine thank you, that made me feel great because this guy almost had a back surgery and now he is back at work and enjoying life without having a surgery!


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