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Today I would like to talk a bit about nutrition, I recommend to most of my patients the importance of Omega 3 in there diets, I particulars like to take 1500 mg a day. The omega 3's have a awesome affect on our bodies. Much of a persons body is made of fats and omega 3's are the good fats. For instance the cell membranes in our body is made of fat and if you have to much bad fat the cell membrane is rigid and non-permenable(this is not good) but omega 3 give the cell membrane permeable and elasticity (this is good).

What does this have to do with Back pain, neck pain and overall health you ask?

Well if you have a healthy cell your body is able to transmit vital nutrition back and forth for repair and it heals quicker, If the cell wall is rigid the cell is not as healthy and thus you are not as healthy and do not repair as quick. So if you have a injured disc or carpal tunnel syndrome ask your doctor about Supplementation with essential fats.

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