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Today I want to discuss injuries that happen in the gym. I work out at Equinox fitness which is in Downtown Manhattan. My First gripe is the personal trainers, they are trained in a 2-3 week course and then are trained by other trainers on routines. In my professional experience these trainers think they know everything, when in fact it is beyond there scope to treat injuries and many times put on the hat of a therapist. Exercise is a intergral part of the wellness regime and training with a trainer is helpful for the beginner that needs to learn proper form or for the advanced person that wants to be pushed.
In the past I have trained personal trainers on how to recognize when to refer out to a chiropractor or other specialist and would be interested in training new trainers,but when it comes to these big gyms it is not in the gyms best interest to refer out, unfortunately the client gets shorted. offers a wealth of information on how not to hurt yourself while exercising if you do get hurt first thing you must do is ICE for 20 minutes. Ice will help prevent the inflammation and then rest and elevelate. A easy acroynm is R.I.C.E which stands for Rest,Ice, compression, and Elevation.
If pain continues Consult with your Chiropractor.
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