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I have been updated my blog for last 2 month now and I have been receiving some emails to elaborate some on conditions that respond well to Chiropractic adjustments. The list is very long but I will list some common ones like Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Migraine headaches, Herniated discs and radiculopathy I can go on. To sum it up, If there is any pressure but on the spinal cord or spinal nerve either directly because of a direct pinched nerve or indirectly like a disturbance in gait or a subluxated motor unit Chiropractic can help!
I have seen some fantastic results practicing in New york City as a Chiropractor, I encourage anyone with any health problems to seek Chiropractic care in conjuction with there current care and it greatly beneifit you. If you are seeking a Chiropractor outside there are many ways to find a respected doctor of Chiropractor like or the
Please visit my website to learn more abour Chiropractic care and cold laser therapy.
Dr. Steven Shoshany
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212 645 8151
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