New York Chiropractor
Practicing Chiropractic in New York City where every second spent not working is a dollar lost, I learned to understand how valuable health is. Medicine is the leading cause of death in America. A jury awarded a $250 million judgment against the manufacturer of Vioxx. Each day brings another new study of a trusted, hyped drug now shown to be harmful. Medical-related bankruptcies are soaring. We spend more on medicine, yet are sicker than ever! The time is right for a national crusade to get the message out that there is an alternative to the outside-in, allopathic, test-drug-surgery-repeat system that is killing America. The time is right for new wellness leadership to emerge in our country.
Chiropractic is a safe natural approach and is true healthcare ,when combined with proper nutrtion, sleep and a positive mental attitude you are healthier and better off than by following the masses by consuming vast quantities of drugs and eating harmful foods.
Until next time,
Dr. Steven Shoshany
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