Spine Force in NYC

www.drshoshany.comTraditional low-tech therapies such as exercise balls, elastic bands, wobble boards and one dimensional weight lifting equipment take time, are inconsistent and offer no patient feedback. SpineForce high-tech rehab offers challenging and motivating programs through its virtual trainer that give instant individual feedback and scientific results of a patients progress.

The SpineForce is the only technology in the world that has been designed to three dimensionally target and strengthen the 180 deep spinal muscles. SpineForce can be used for a variety of rehab/exercise protocols for back and shoulder injuries, core strengthening, post surgery, fall prevention, neuromuscular disorders (stroke, multiple sclerosis), sports enhancement (golf, skiing, etc…).

SpineForce is designed to restore strength and improve balance, coordination, proprioception, posture and range of motion all in one unique technology. SpineForce’s feedback and interactive visual response system, motivates patients to engage and continue their rehabilitative therapy. An oscillating platform creates an instability that recruits the 180 deep stabilizer muscles attached to your spine to strengthen them and to also develop your core muscles. As you push or pull doing isometric contractions on the handle bars, the column moves up and down during the exercise to provide another proprioception challenge for the patient to enhance balance, coordination and posture.



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