Chiropractic NYC

Chiropractic NYC
I am excited to get back to work after the long Memorial day weekend.
I look forward to getting into my office and start helping patients. Chiropractic care has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for acute or chronic back pain. I also love that I can help patients that suffer from herniated disc related symptoms like Sciatica, Chronic low back pain with the DRX 9000 spinal decompression system. I am always adding to my treatment protocol and recently added the SpineForce system to the practice ( This system is amazing for strengthening the core muscles.)See SpineForce Video I also believe I am one the first Chiropractors in NYC to offer state of the art digital ultra low frequency x-rays.
This system is amazing, If a patient needs a x-ray I can take the picture and instantly view and send the images.
I discovered something really interesting while treating several patients that are suffering with herniated discs.
If I x-ray with the digital system and take a lateral, a flexion and and extension view I measure the disc height, then I treat with spinal decompression and the I re shoot the films and I see a 50% increase in disc height and IVF!
Now I don't think a patient should be xrayed often but this technique is excellent to show patients not only are they feeling better but there condition is reversing.


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