Spinal Decompression NYC

Spinal Decompression NYC
I found this recent piece on spinal decompression,

Nancy Gillionana, News 11 Medical Reporter

If you suffer from back pain you know how debilitating it can be.
News 13's Medical Reporter Nancy Gillionana, learned about a way to treat the symptoms without surgery.
For anyone who has tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, medicine, massages, and even considered surgery to get rid of back pain, there is an alternative treatment they may want to consider.
"My left leg would burn, my back would feel like something was just squeezing all the time and I just couldn't get rid of the pain. It actually got to the point where I was in tears, I was in so much pain," said Cindy Rogers.
Days before she was scheduled for back surgery, Rogers decided to take another route -- spinal decompression.
"It causes a decompression to the spine and it sucks the disc material back into the disc and it brings fresh blood flow to the area and it helps with the healing process," said Dr. Damon Stafford of the Back 2 Life clinic.
Stafford said that spinal decompression is a great last resort before surgery. It can also help some people with failed back surgeries. An exam and MRI will determine the level of treatment. The DRX 9000 is then programmed specifically for each patient.
"They come in on the machine and their bodies are immediately relaxed and their muscle spasms are decreased and the separation of the bones causes the pressure to be off the nerves, decreasing their symptoms," Stafford said.
Patients also undergo electrical muscle stimulation. Rogers said the procedure helped her get back to doing her favorite things.
"Now I can do yard work. I walk two miles a day. I am a completely different person," Rogers said.
Stafford said patients are usually back to their daily activities within two to three weeks after treatment.
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