Spinal Decompression NYC

Case Study reveals an increase in Disc Height and a decrease in size of Disc Herniation after treatment with the DRX9000™.
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A recent study published shows how Spinal decompression can change the disc herniation and provide relief for patients suffering with this condition.

The DRX9000 True Non-surgical Spinal Decompression System™ was developed to provide a non-invasive option for discogenic low back pain. Researchers of a case report published in Volume 2 Issue 1 of the European Musculoskeletal Review state, “Evidence-based data that show the promising effects of DRX9000 on the safe and effective treatment of LBP [low back pain] continue to accumulate.” The report titled, “Management of Low-Back Pain with a Non-surgical Decompression System (DRX9000™) – Case Report” reveals the pre- and post-treatment MRI findings of a 69-year old male with low back pain. Prior to treatment with the DRX9000, the patient reported experiencing low back pain radiating into both legs. When asked to describe his pain intensity on a scale of 0-10, the patient rated his pain intensity at 10. The patient underwent 22 treatments over a seven-week period. Utilizing the same pain intensity scale the patient reported a pain level of 1 post-treatment. Four months after the initial visit a follow up MRI revealed decreased herniation size and increased disc height at multiple lumbar levels. The authors conclude, “This case report further builds on previous findings that have demonstrated improvements in disc morphology after treatment with the DRX9000.”
As one of the first Chiropractor in NYC to offer Spinal decompression I am excited to see more studies validating this procedure and look forward to this technique being the preferred non surgical treatment for Sciatica, Herniated disc, Bulging Disc.


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