What is KDM (Kinetic Decompression Mobiliaztion) and how is it different from traditional spinal decompression?

KDM(Kinetic Decompression Mobilization)NYC

If you suffer with a herniated disc or have chronic neck and Low back pain consider spinal decompression before surgery.

To have an effective spinal decompression program several components must be addressed like 1) Nutrition- A combination of nutrients and herbs to help heal damaged tissues 2) effective rehab program which includes training on the Spine Force and Power Plate and the MedX medical grade strengthening equipment 3) custom bracing to support muscles and disc-back bracing 4) Heat prior to and ice post decompression along with a form of high volt stimulation 5) Patients must learn how not to re injure themselves- I conduct a weekly back care class that educates patients on proper lifting and body bio mechanics
6) one commonly overlooked area is the feet I conduct a computerized gait analysis to assess the biomechanics of a patients gait and build a custom made orthotic to correct the gait(the way patients walk) 7)Cox Flexion distraction- which is the only technique that (aka flexion-distraction or F/D) relieves back and leg pain and neck and arm pain. Disc herniation and/or stenosis may be the cause of pain. Or simple arthritis or a back sprain may be the culprit.

Cox® Technic is a gentle, non-surgical, chiropractic spinal manipulation adjustment procedure.

95% of back pain and neck pain patients DO NOT require surgery.

Cox® Technic is a safe alternative to back surgery. It is also appropriate for failed back surgery patients who still suffer after surgery.

Cox® Technic is a well-researched (with research studies completed and underway), well-referenced (with over 90+ articles in medical and chiropractic journals) chiropractic spinal adjusting manipulation

Cox® Technic drops intradiscal pressures to -192 mmHg and increases the foraminal area by 28%.

Cox® Technic stops pain, realigns the spine and restores ranges of motion inherent to the spine while reducing low back pain, especially in radiculopathy (extremity pain--leg pain or arm pain) patients, better than active exercise therapy.
8) Effective pain non-narcotic pain relieving techniques like Cold laser therapy,ultrasound and the Graston technique
9) On-site medical care, some patients will have pain that may need medical management knowing that this is onsite and available to our patients is comforting.
10) Onsite Diagnostics using state of the art Digital radiographs that will determine the exact level of involvement and the ability to so patients when the area improves is vital to care plan. A Board certified radiologist will re-read MRI's to determine the level of disc herniation.

So to wrap this discussion up, I believe that I have the most effective spinal decompression protocol in Manhattan but don't take my word please visits my website at www.drshoshany.com and read patient testimonials


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