Herniated disc and Failed Back Surgery or F.B.S.

Recently I read a trade journal that mentioned back surgery and how long it can offer patients relief and the long term success rate. This immediately brought my attention to a patient I am currently treating, for his privacy I am just going to call him" James".
James was referred to me by his pain management doctor one of the top NYC doctors because they have exhausted all efforts to get him out of his debilitating leg pain. James had a laminectomy 8 years ago due to a herniated disc and at the time did not seek out any alternative treatments like Chiropractic. To make a long story short, after the surgery he had relief from his Sciatica and it lasted 8 years! This is unusual because most Failed Back Surgery or (F.B.S) patients that I have seen have a good one or two years until a relapse of a disc above or below.
He was carried into my office bent like a pretzel and he was on Vicodin and Muscle relaxer.
He had no interest in another back surgery and was ready to start the spinal decompression protocol. Getting off the table was painful but after the ice and the electric stimulation and bracing he was upright in 5 visits.
Today is his last visit and he still needs to work on his core muscles.
My Physical therapist will work with him on the Power Plate and the Spine Force and Med-X back strengthening equipment.
Another satisfied patient!


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