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Last night I saw a news special about a figure skater that had a back surgery to treat a herniated disc at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. This patient had a devastating outcome she was injured and is now in bed unable to walk and she can never skate again.
The doctor is obviously being sued. Back surgery should be your last resort.
I do not know the extent of her injury other than she had a Disc injury.
If you have been told you have a disc herniation and need a surgery to correct this I recommend that you find out the grade of herniation. On my website
I point out the different types of Disc herniation. In my opinion if the disc is sequestered or has a free fragment pressing a nerve then a consult with a surgeon is a good idea.
I am selective with my patients if I feel I can help them with Spinal Decompression I will accept them, If I feel they need a referral to a surgeon I will refer to doctors that I have developed relationships with.
Patients need to be informed and do their homework when it comes to their health.
Make an informed choice.
Spinal Decompression in New York.
Manhattan Spinal Decompression, seek out Dr. Steven Shoshany.
If you have a herniated disc seek out a doctor that uses Spinal Decompression, I use the DRX 9000 because I feel it is the most comfortable for the patients, Most patients are snoring within the first 5 minutes because their leg pain is gone for the first time in years!
This technique is fantastic is should be the primary treatment for herniated discs.


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