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I have not updated my blog in couple of days because I have been busy, but I wanted to share with my readers the great results my patients have had the past week,
I had a new patient yesterday that had a foot drop( this is when your tibilias anterior muscle doesn't get nerve flow due to a L-5 disc problem). After only one visit he was able to dorsi-flex his foot!
I had another patient that after 3 visits on the DRX 9000 to treat her severe central disc herniation experienced a 75% reduction in her pain! This patient had three epidural injections in her Lumbar spine in the last month and was scheduled for a micro disectomy in a month, she cancelled her surgery and has a smile on her face.
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Before you go under the knife or get injections into your spine please call me to discuss DRX 9000 treatment for your herniated disc pain! or visit my NY Spinal Decompression site at www.drshoshany.com or www.nycdisc.com
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