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The summer is almost over, I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather and beach like I have been. On a more serious note, I noticed a influx of new patients coming in with severe neck pain. Many of these patients with neck pain dont remember what specific action brought the pain on. As I conduct a more thorough exam and get detailed information about there lifestyles what becomes blatently obvious to me is many of the preventable things people do to themselves.
First is talking on the cell phone with there head and shoulder cradeling the cellphone, This is very bad but people do it everyday on top of walking and stressing out, Ouch!! Get a headset and use it and theheadset will also cut down on the amount of radiation going to your head to.
Many New York Chiropractors would probally agree with me that work enviorment contributes to many repetitive stress injuries, Visit my website at to learn ways to reduce the stress at your workplace or email me at for a workstation assesment form.
Air conditioner a luxury than many of us cant live without includeding myself can create some neck issues, my advice is keep the airflow pointed away from you while you sleep or if that is not possible point it up or down.
I hope that is some helpful information everyone can use.
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