Pinched Nerve in NYC

Pinched nerves can affect New Yorkers of any age and activity level.  Pinched nerves are caused by vertebral subluxations, which take place when vertebrae become herniated and misaligned, placing excessive pressure on discs and nerves.  When nerves are under stress, the interference caused by the extreme pressure results in pain, spinal imbalances, and various ailments within the body.  Pain from a pinched nerve can be so debilitating as to cause temporary or permanent paralysis of the affected area.

Pinched nerves are caused by trauma to the body, which can come about due to poor posture, prolonged periods of inactivity in one position, excessive body weight, pregnancy, sports injuries, accidents, and more. 

A pinched nerve may not be detected until the patient feels pain, which is usually the last symptom to appear.  Regular spinal maintenance can detect and correct subluxations as well as prevent future spinal injury and pain.

Dr. Shoshany has successfully treated countless patients who suffer from painful pinched nerves in NYC with his patented non-surgical spinal decompression therapies.  Some of Dr. Shoshany’s most sought-after treatments include:

Spinal decompression – a computer-assisted patented therapy that restores spinal alignment and releases pressure from pinched nerves through a customized cycle of gentle stretching of the spine – anywhere from the neck to the lower back area.

Chiropractic adjustments – manual correction of subluxations that helps return vertebrae to their appropriate position for improved spinal health, comfort, and mobility.  Proven as one of the safest and most effective pinched nerve treatments.

Physical therapy – a customized exercise regime will help patients regain control and strength while improving range of motion and agility of the affected area as well as the entire body.

At his state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation facility in NYC, Dr. Shoshany and his staff correct vertebral subluxations in order to promote optimal health within the spine, which ensures patients are able to attain the best possible overall health.  For more details on Dr. Shoshany’s pinched nerve treatment in NYC, please visit or contact 212-645-8151.


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