Ankle injuries,The Superbowl and Chiropractic

I found this great article about an ankle injury being managed by a chiropractor and felt it was appropriate to share.
Chiropractic care is widely used throughout the NFL and allows world class athletes to continue to play and adds that competitive edge.
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney, whose injured ankle has become the single biggest story of Super Bowl week, said Wednesday morning that he's feeling confident about his ability to play on Sunday.

"I never really worry," Freeney said. "This kind of thing is not in my hands. I just take it one day at a time. I just continue to focus my energy on positive things and getting my ankle right. It's day to day. It's hard for me to put numbers on it, percentages on it, of where exactly it is, but it's definitely getting there."

Images of Freeney's swollen ankle were lighting up the Internet after he showed up to Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day in flip flops, but he expressed confidence in the electrical stimulation device he uses to reduce swelling, and in the medical care he's getting.

"It's a form of electrical stim that I've been using for seven or eight years of my career," Freeney said. "Then we have Dr. (Leon) Mellman (a Florida chiropractor). He does a great job working with my body from a chiropractic standpoint, just getting things correct and making sure things are in alignment, so when the healing does start to begin, everything falls in the right place."

Ultimately, although Freeney would prefer not to have his ankle be the center of attention this week, he doesn't seem to be stressing about it.

"There is a little frustration there, definitely," Freeney said. "This is part of the game and this is just what happens."


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