Kinesio tape for NYC Marathon runner

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Kinesio tape for NYC Marathon runner
Kinesio tape is extremely helpful and is used worldwide by elite and amatuer athletes.
This upcoming Sunday is the NYC Marathon, I had a patient that flew in from Italy to run the race.
This tape job that we did will allow her to complete the race.

for a patello femoral syndrome, she has pain on the lateral side of the knee right close to the medial border of the patella.
possible diagnosis of illiotibial band problem,I applied kt in this way:- facilitation of vmo + mechanical correction Y stripe 50% tension on tails with anchor applied medially with the tail that surround the patella + mechanical correction I stripe 75% - 100% tension in the middle that push the patella lateral to medial,.
after this application the pain in the functional demonstration was zero.
before the treatment she can not run, after this treatment, wearing kt she run without pain.
Pretty awesome stuff.
Dr. Steven Shoshany NYC Chiropractor and Certified Kinesio taping practioner


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