Back pain relief NYC-Saturday or Sunday

Back pain relief NYC-Saturday or Sunday
In my 15 years as a Chiropractor in NYC, I have seen so many patients throw their back out on a Saturday or Sunday and not know where to turn.
I have always made myself available to patients and potential patients by offering emergency Chiropractic services in NYC. I established
Often times it is the result of bending the wrong way and coming back with sharp or shooting low back pain that may or may not radiate into the legs.
This is called Sciatica,In my previous posts I discuss various methods to eliminate Sciatica, some of this treatments include Spinal decompression on the DRX 9000, Chiropractic adjustments, Cox flexion distraction and the Graston technique
If this happens to you ICE is your best friend for the first 72 hours.
If you need a Chiropractor in NYC give us a call, either me or one of my NYC Chiropractors will see you!
Call for a Chiropractor in NYC for Back pain relief (212) 645-8151


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