Kinesio tape NYC-Kinesio taping New York

Kinesio tape NYC-Kinesio taping New York
Kinesio taping is used to stabilize a joint and increase circulation and decrease pain.
I have been using kineso tape in my NYC Chiropractic practice for the past 5 years.
It has actually helped me recover from a torn labrum and a rotator cuff injury.
As a Chiropractor I depend on my shoulder and when I injured my left shoulder I definitely did not want a surgery and deal with 6 months of Rehab.
My treatment consisted of the Graston technique, Cold laser therapy and Kinesio taping to stabilize my shoulder and allow for optimal healing.I posted this picture of Kerri Walsh in the 2008 Olympics wearing a Kinesio tape job on her right shoulder to help stabilize her shoulder from a rotator cuff surgery in November.
The other picture is of Lance Armstrong at the New York Marathon to help him with shin splints.
I have used Kinesio tape in my Manhattan Physical therapy/Chiropractic office with fantastic results.
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