Herniated disc nyc, Sciatica, Chronic back pain treatment

Herniated disc nyc, Sciatica, Chronic back pain treatment in Manhattan.
I wanted to update my Chiropractic NYC blog.
One of my most recent success stories is about a patient that flew up from the Domincan Republic to be treated with Spinal decompression therapy.
He has been in daily for the past 8 visits, His symptoms have been greatly reduced and his muscle strength has increased.He is now able to put on his shoes without pain and no longer needs to take the vicodin that he has been taking for the past 3 months due to the pain intesity.
The combination of Spinal Decompression therapy on the DRX 9000,Cox Flexion decompression and Core strengthening on the SpineForce and Power Plate, Cold laser therapy, and my newest weapon- Oxygen therapy have all allowed him to feel better quicker.
He has to head back home within the next two weeks so I am doing everything possible to increase his results. Patients suffering with herniated discs that do not want surgery will do anything to feel better,sometimes they are forced into believing surgery is the only way. This patient was told that a back surgery was his only option.
Patients that suffer with Sciatica, or Fibromyalgia can benefit from Oxygen therapy.
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