Spinal decompression Manhattan NYC-Herniated disc Center

Spinal decompression is growing by leaps and bounds,and gaining acceptance as the preferred non-surgical treatment for herniated discs.
I have a 64 yr. old female as a patient that just received a cortisone injection into her spine a week ago by a Pain management specialist. and she still was suffering. She had to resort to a cane and living on tyleno1 3's and vicodin. NOT good so after reviewing her MRI I recommend we start a spinal decompression program.
She started on a very low pull, and after 3 treatments she is sleeping at night with less pain, and walking better!
I have seen so many patients that respond to spinal decompression when other methods have failed.
One more example or case study would be of a 83 year old male that had a L4, L5 laminectomy 1 year ago. This surgery did not provide the relief that he expected and has recently required a foot brace to walk without his right foot dropping (L5-S1 nerve roots.)
His treatment started with the DRX 9000 table and after 10 visits he is standing without pain and walking stronger and straighter.
To many patients dive into a surgery without first considering a non-surgical option first.
Spinal decompression is safe.


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