Blackberry thumb, Carpal tunnel syndrome

Blackberry thumb or trigger thumb is a new way to describe a set of symptoms that are caused by the technology that we have become so dependent on. People use their blackberry’s all day and night to stay connected to office and social life.

This overuse or repetitive stress injury can cause build up and changes in the tissue quality or fibrotic changes in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. If this goes on without rest it can lead to discomfort, limited motion, spasm in the flexors of the thumb and hands and irritation to the tendons.Other names for similar problems are( golfers elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, Nintendoitis, ect.)These are basically repetitive or overuse injuries.

Rest and avoiding the offending device is good but not always practical with the demands of today’s business and social pace.I recomend patients take a 15 minute break for every hour of use. My non-surgical treatment consists of
An examination of hand, wrist and cervical spine and x-rays if necessary.

Ultrasound to warm up the tissue
I use the Graston technique which is a myofascial technique designed to “breakup” the restrictions and adhesion's. This technique is currently being used by New York Giant and most major sports teams.
Followed by Stretching and strengthening exercises
Kineso taping to help stabilize the area.

And Cold Laser therapy-
Cold laser therapy or Low level Laser has the ability to bring more circulation to the area, which allows more oxygen and this increases the metabolism of the area and speeds up tissue healing. Laser light at certain wavelengths like this device put out 635 Nanometers which helps stimulate celluar mithochondria, which are the energy producers of our body produce ATP, more ATP=More energy=more healing.
Followed by Muscle strengthening using a gyroscope or hand exerciser.
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